Thursday, January 2, 2014

Printable Miniatures

I thought this was just beautiful.  This would be a good idea for a cat in  miniatures.  It would be a scene stealer.

And while we are on the butterfly's subject this would be a great printie to put on velum paper so the butterflies would still be in color but transparent.  Right click on picture and  save to your picture file.  Cut each out for attaching to  garden flowers or pin to a board for a picture.

 Right click on the candy bars and save to picture file.  Print a tad bit smaller for 1/12 scale  Perfect candy for Halloween and some of my favorites.  Go to my  blogs in  October 2013 for a web site location that has hundreds of candy bar wrappers available.

Love these cans, some are very old looking  Right click on picture and save to picture file.  Print out in color and resize if necessary.  Cut out dowel pins for the cans and glue labels on to them.  Would be great in a garage or basement work shop
Vintage pattern envelopes  Right click onto picture and save in picture file. Glue onto a tiny folded paper to look like pattern envelope
I hope you like these mini printables and can use them somewhere.  We are under a winter storm watch today, I don't mind a bit.  It gives me an excuse to relax and get caught up around the house and work on some mini projects.
January seems to always be an organization month to me.  I go through files and make sure they are in order, pilfer in my miniatures and put them in order.  No telling what I will find to share with you all.   


  1. Thanks! I saved the butterfly chart. I agree about that kitten and butterfly picture. amazing!

  2. That cat and butterfly are adorable!! I saved the vintage pattern envelopes and the butterflies. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the vintage patterns . Will look great on the sewing inspired card for my daughter's birthday Thanks