Monday, January 27, 2014


This past weekend I had snow days.  In Ohio we got 7 inches of continuous snow, in addition to sub zero tempertures.  Often I have dreamed of being snowed in and the wonderful things I would do with that time.  This was such a week end.  I started out with  a 5 volume DVD-15 episodes of a 1970's BBC series called The Duchess of Duke Street starring Gemma Jones and Christopher Cazenove.  You might find it at you local library or thru an inter library loan.  This is 15 hours worth.  I enjoyed every minute of it, not in one setting, but I fit it in over the course of the weekend.  The era  is Victorian England and a young girl who sets out in service with the aim to be the Best cook in England. 
She is plucky and over the course of years ends up just where she wants to be.  This might be based on historical accounts because she is involved with Royalty and the future King of England. 
They went to the outside food  market everyday, and  a bell went off in my head.  Remember all those NAME Day  market cart kits you got for a rainy day?  This involved moving and pushing things around to find the carts and the supplies to do them, which will now be another day to clean it all back up. Who takes time to clean when there is fun to be had!
I set up shop in the warmest place in the house  and over the course of the weekend, made 3 wood carts for a Victorian Market from laser cut kits.  One is cherry wood, one is black walnut, and the other is Maple wood.  These are laser cut and the detail is so super fine and intricate. Each kit was put together in a short time, all the pieces and parts fit perfectly and I was thrilled with the completed projects.   The glue that was used was Instant Grip by Bond.  I get it at shows but recently noticed that Hobby Builders Supply in Georgia carries it on line and in their catalog.  It is a thick tacky glue like Eileens, but it grips instantly and you don't have to hold it.  This is great on paper when making flowers.

The website on the brochure said please visit us at
However when I tried that website is not up yet. of South Bend and Jack Kosinski is the person who makes these wonderful carts and other creations.  I met them at a wholesale show in the Summer and they were cutters for the NAME Day yearly project.  This year was the carts as shown above.  I had totally forgot about these carts and this movie series made me remember them, now they are finished and ready for the real work of stocking them with wonderful flowers, fruits and vegetables, and it looks like beer and wine.  That one I plan on planting a grape plant in a pot and have the vine drape all over the top trellis and have grapes hanging down.  I have to imagine and plan what type of vendor doll to make for each one.

Notice the detail of the baskets.  Each ring is very thin and alternating rings produces the basket weave pattern.  You can not see it in the picture but the top of the handle has a tiny cut out  pattern on it.

After completing the projects and movies I still needed busy work, so I went on the internet and googled miniature food tutorials on u tube.  Wow, hundreds of items came up and I spent a great deal of time learning how to make all kinds of foods in Fimo.  I feel schooled and ready to tackle some more projects.  Sugar Charm Shop has some really great step by step  clips for some good looking canes, cakes and cookies.  You just scroll the pictures and click on the one you want to play.  If you like one and would like to see it again, right click on your mouse and save it to your favorites and it will stay there until you are ready for it.



  1. This cart is gorgeous, just as the baskets, crates and other things are!! Thank you for sharing the links and these pictures!
    Kind regards, Ilona

  2. What a fun way to spend a cold wintery day...I like those wine crates!