Thursday, February 27, 2014

Printable Apron Patterns and material

This is a picture from Pinterest.  A great way to display beautiful fabric prints and to add color to any mini kitchen

Right click on any of these patterns and pictures.  Save to your JPEG file in pictures.  These are all 1/12" scale.  To print off on your printer onto material you will need muslin and  freezer paper cut into 8x10"  paper size pieces.  Iron on the muslin to the wax side of the paper.  Using the drawer feed the paper with the material facing down.  The ink jet color will adhere to the material in the print as shown.  Let dry over night and then using a press cloth over the ink printing - iron to set the ink.
Cut out the pattern and then take off the freezer  paper.  It should peel right off.   Trim with bunka or ribbon with glue and hang onto a prepared board shelf.  Fancy turned toothpicks with the round ends can be cut for pegs and glued into the boards.

This is also from Pinterest.  A mini apron made from a Ladies Handkerchief.

There are many websites on Aprons and collecting them.  Many have pictures for ideas to make your own creations.
Buttons can be made from thin Fimo clay that is baked and then punched with a paper punch after being baked, or punch thick card stock and punch small holes with a needle tool.  Fingernail polish can be applied  to add shine and thickness to the button. Bunka can be unraveled for trim around the apron and pockets.  Miniature rick rack is now being made and would look super on an old fashioned apron.  If you go to your public library there are many books out on Aprons,  the pictures can be traced and are just about the right size for 1/12" scale.
My Grandmother always had dozens of aprons because she worked at a restaurant.  She had one for every Holiday, silly ones, and some really creative ones.  Everyone knew what to make or give her for a gift occasion.   She always had goodies in her pockets, and plenty of change from tips.
My other Grandmother wore  an apron that covered her dress completely.  Her pockets held all the useful items she would need for the day.  Screwdrivers, hankies, nails and screws, hammer, pocket knife,  string and always a poke (plastic bag) for anything she might happen upon outdoors and dried apples in case she got hungry. 
Both aprons as beautiful as the Ladies they adorned. 

Happy Valentines Day printables

Instead of saying this is late I prefer to say this is right on time for next year.  If you right click on this picture and save to your JPEG picture file, you can then select print onto 8 1/2" x 10" or full page, all of this will come out on the same sheet in just the right scale 1/12".  The work has been done for you. Card stock would be nice to use as well.  The paper dolls  and Valentines are from the 1950's and the larger hearts could be used on boxes of candy.
  When I was in grade school the best fun was making the box to put the Valentines in on the big day.  Usually an oatmeal box or shoe box was decorated with construction paper and doilies.    Most all cards were stuffed with candy hearts or red cherry suckers with a loop handle.  Our hearts were broken if we did not get a card from someone.  My Mother made us give cards to everyone.  Sometimes I would prepare extra cards  with no signature on them for those  that just were not that popular.   I recently cleaned out the cedar chest and found all my daughters valentines from grade school, every one she ever received.  I gave them to her to decide what to do with them.  The years could almost be documented by what  show on TV was popular that year.  Much of a child's self esteem and views on life  certainly forms around Valentines Day.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


This is Sauerkraut the Monkey crocheted in miniature found on Pinterest!

He is so cute  and the download for him is on this web site.  It is a FREE download PDF file, available to print off or save to a file for future reference.  If you know how to crochet or know someone who does please do download this wonderful monkey.  It would look good on a scale bed, under a Christmas tree, or in a child's hands.  What era did not have the sock monkey?
Here is the website   It wants you to register.  If you do not want to do that you can Google -Sauerkraut the Miniature Sock Monkey by Ronda Chapman   or go to your browser and type in the same information.  This is in a PDF document and can be printed out in Adobe Reader or to a Word document.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new Way to store Miniatures and other trinkets project

This is an antique printers tray found at a flea marketIt has a metal half cup drawer pull and the size is 32"  x 16"   As I was looking a it and the different size compartments I remembered these were popular hanging on the walls with tiny stuff in it during the 1970's and 1980's.  I enjoy seeing my miniatures instead of putting them in a drawer in storage and forgetting about them.  The idea came to me to make a coffee table or end table out of the one shown above.  We all have little things and mementos we just have no place for but do not want to get rid off.  I choose the box with the bigger compartments in and have placed the above items in them.   These larger drawers are anywhere from $10. 00 to $22.00 and the legs are about $4.00 a piece.  Antique looking scrapbook paper was cut to fit the bottoms of some of the divisions.  Lots of old ink was still in the bottom and would not remove.
A piece of glass was cut to fit the top but did not put it on for the picture.  I used gel pads from the dollar store to set in the corners and keep the glass from shifting around.   These are found in the section where the bunion and heel pads are for your shoes.  Sticky on one side, flexible and gel like on the other  . The glass will not budge but can still be pulled off to put more items into the case.   The legs came from Loews and will be painted black.  They have a screw on the top and you can screw into the wood or a metal plate is available to fasten into the corners and turn the legs into them.  Now the contents from all the drawers that were cleaned out in January have a home and I have an end table for my couch with contents I never get tired of looking at.
Finally got my General store items assembled and painted.  I did the counters green and afterward antiqued it a little more with brown.  The only problem I had was the decals.  1993 is a long time ago and the decals were somewhat fragile and totally fell apart.
I told you of the show Copper that was on BBC 2012 and 2013 in an earlier blog. After  renting out the 2nd season  from the library and  watching  it  the caption said there was a Season 3 coming soon.  This 2nd season really had a lot of Drama and a person could really get caught up in the action and drama.  The last season finale was exciting and of course left you with a cliff hanger.  Guess what ? the show was canceled before Season 3 started being filmed.  I  will never know the answers of what happened in the cliff hanger show.  It seemed I set myself up for that one.   I guess I will have to make up my own ending.
So unfair!!!!  However I enjoyed the show for the historical content, costumes, action and drama.  I also enjoy the extras on each CD.  It goes behind the scenes and tells how they chose the backdrops, all the research that goes into each character and scene.  I still give it a thumbs up

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ground Hog Day Bad News

Country Store Fixtures Kit Real life Miniatures 1993

Dog play set found at Tractor Supply Store on after Christmas sale table 75% off. All the dogs are 1/12" scale and have beautiful detail to the bodies and facial features.  The dog bed can be repainted and the fireplace can be painted and  maybe a more realistic fire inserted in to the fire box.  It also had a cute 1950's red chair that was in exact proportion to the dogs. It has disappeared under my bed somewhere.  However I don't know what they were thinking about the next item they included in this play set.

This HUGE rocking chair!  It is just as big as it looks, more like Barbie size and 3XXX bigger than the red 1950's chair.  As you can see it is almost as tall as the fireplace.  It is a cute chair, but what were they thinking?
Groundhog day was Sunday February 2 and of course he said another 6 weeks of winter.   We got 7 inches more snow yesterday and freezing rain on top of that.  This past weekend's  sub zero weather had me inside once again cleaning.  The pictures above are a project that I found while cleaning closets and immediately started to assemble. 

 If you were with us in the 1970's  these precut kits were our start in furniture making in miniatures.  The kits were about 25.00 each and they had kitchen, parlor, Victorian bedroom, bathroom, general store and accessories.  That was all I ever wanted for Christmas, and over a couple of years I had every kit they made.  This version is the General store accessories and shelving and my 2nd time around for this one.  I found these at a flea market for a good price a few years ago.  This one will be for my Grandson.  Die cut parts on wood that need to be punched out.  Good instructions and a lot work.  I have been working a few hours every day to assemble the items with the numbered parts.  There are still a lot of these out there, I see them on Ebay all the time.  However due to the large amount of pieces involved, I wouldn't buy if they have been opened.  This has been a lot of fun to put together and get out of the storage closet.  It has helped to pass the time in this endless winter.
I wish now with the laser technologies these kits or similar ones to them would be reintroduced.  There is nothing nicer than a good kit to put together.
For all printie fans write an email to and tell her you want to join her paper minis club and receive her mailings.   She will send you a link that is by  her invitation only.  Don't give it to anyone.  She will send you newsletters and inside are pages of free printies you can print out on your printer or order the ones she sells.    She adds new ones all the time.  Each free print is in 3 scales and you can choose the one you want.  Food items, toy boxes, books, firecracker stand and accessories, wall paper, cookie boxes, everything to make smores, can labels and many more.
Another interesting link has a new free Ezine(magazine) online to follow.   In this magazine are a page of printies for baking items.  I did a quick print of the page and got everything I did not want and not the printies.  So take some time before you print or you will get 5 pages of advertising.

This Ezine shows a lot of promise and  contains some good projects and ideas.   This one is free but probably will turn into subscription only.

Another good BBC television series on DVD   and is called Copper. This ran for 2 seasons 2012 and 2013.  I watched the first season over the weekend.  It is New York City in the days of the Civil War .  The main characters are Irish immigrants that served in the  war and  are now Detectives for the New York Police Department.  It follows real events that happened in history.    Another good series and I found it hard to stop watching the 3 DVD set.  Every Episode was better than the one before.