Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new Way to store Miniatures and other trinkets project

This is an antique printers tray found at a flea marketIt has a metal half cup drawer pull and the size is 32"  x 16"   As I was looking a it and the different size compartments I remembered these were popular hanging on the walls with tiny stuff in it during the 1970's and 1980's.  I enjoy seeing my miniatures instead of putting them in a drawer in storage and forgetting about them.  The idea came to me to make a coffee table or end table out of the one shown above.  We all have little things and mementos we just have no place for but do not want to get rid off.  I choose the box with the bigger compartments in and have placed the above items in them.   These larger drawers are anywhere from $10. 00 to $22.00 and the legs are about $4.00 a piece.  Antique looking scrapbook paper was cut to fit the bottoms of some of the divisions.  Lots of old ink was still in the bottom and would not remove.
A piece of glass was cut to fit the top but did not put it on for the picture.  I used gel pads from the dollar store to set in the corners and keep the glass from shifting around.   These are found in the section where the bunion and heel pads are for your shoes.  Sticky on one side, flexible and gel like on the other  . The glass will not budge but can still be pulled off to put more items into the case.   The legs came from Loews and will be painted black.  They have a screw on the top and you can screw into the wood or a metal plate is available to fasten into the corners and turn the legs into them.  Now the contents from all the drawers that were cleaned out in January have a home and I have an end table for my couch with contents I never get tired of looking at.
Finally got my General store items assembled and painted.  I did the counters green and afterward antiqued it a little more with brown.  The only problem I had was the decals.  1993 is a long time ago and the decals were somewhat fragile and totally fell apart.
I told you of the show Copper that was on BBC 2012 and 2013 in an earlier blog. After  renting out the 2nd season  from the library and  watching  it  the caption said there was a Season 3 coming soon.  This 2nd season really had a lot of Drama and a person could really get caught up in the action and drama.  The last season finale was exciting and of course left you with a cliff hanger.  Guess what ? the show was canceled before Season 3 started being filmed.  I  will never know the answers of what happened in the cliff hanger show.  It seemed I set myself up for that one.   I guess I will have to make up my own ending.
So unfair!!!!  However I enjoyed the show for the historical content, costumes, action and drama.  I also enjoy the extras on each CD.  It goes behind the scenes and tells how they chose the backdrops, all the research that goes into each character and scene.  I still give it a thumbs up


  1. Una idea fantástica como has puesto el cajón de imprenta, como dices
    Los artículos para su tienda son preciosos. Feliz domingo:-) puedes admirar en todo momento tus tesoros, yo también estoy con un cajón , pero lo pondré como cuadro.

  2. Hi Karen, what a great idea for a table top! Too bad though about your mini series without an ending! What a disappointment! :(
    On the up side though, your general store components are looking good! :)


  3. Hi Karen,

    What a great idea for displaying minis either waiting for a scene to be completed or that are just bought because we love them. I should look for one. I hate when that happens with shows that you really get involved in.


  4. Hi Karen,
    Your country store items look great! That's a lot of work isn't it, but so worth it!