Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ground Hog Day Bad News

Country Store Fixtures Kit Real life Miniatures 1993

Dog play set found at Tractor Supply Store on after Christmas sale table 75% off. All the dogs are 1/12" scale and have beautiful detail to the bodies and facial features.  The dog bed can be repainted and the fireplace can be painted and  maybe a more realistic fire inserted in to the fire box.  It also had a cute 1950's red chair that was in exact proportion to the dogs. It has disappeared under my bed somewhere.  However I don't know what they were thinking about the next item they included in this play set.

This HUGE rocking chair!  It is just as big as it looks, more like Barbie size and 3XXX bigger than the red 1950's chair.  As you can see it is almost as tall as the fireplace.  It is a cute chair, but what were they thinking?
Groundhog day was Sunday February 2 and of course he said another 6 weeks of winter.   We got 7 inches more snow yesterday and freezing rain on top of that.  This past weekend's  sub zero weather had me inside once again cleaning.  The pictures above are a project that I found while cleaning closets and immediately started to assemble. 

 If you were with us in the 1970's  these precut kits were our start in furniture making in miniatures.  The kits were about 25.00 each and they had kitchen, parlor, Victorian bedroom, bathroom, general store and accessories.  That was all I ever wanted for Christmas, and over a couple of years I had every kit they made.  This version is the General store accessories and shelving and my 2nd time around for this one.  I found these at a flea market for a good price a few years ago.  This one will be for my Grandson.  Die cut parts on wood that need to be punched out.  Good instructions and a lot work.  I have been working a few hours every day to assemble the items with the numbered parts.  There are still a lot of these out there, I see them on Ebay all the time.  However due to the large amount of pieces involved, I wouldn't buy if they have been opened.  This has been a lot of fun to put together and get out of the storage closet.  It has helped to pass the time in this endless winter.
I wish now with the laser technologies these kits or similar ones to them would be reintroduced.  There is nothing nicer than a good kit to put together.
For all printie fans write an email to and tell her you want to join her paper minis club and receive her mailings.   She will send you a link that is by  her invitation only.  Don't give it to anyone.  She will send you newsletters and inside are pages of free printies you can print out on your printer or order the ones she sells.    She adds new ones all the time.  Each free print is in 3 scales and you can choose the one you want.  Food items, toy boxes, books, firecracker stand and accessories, wall paper, cookie boxes, everything to make smores, can labels and many more.
Another interesting link has a new free Ezine(magazine) online to follow.   In this magazine are a page of printies for baking items.  I did a quick print of the page and got everything I did not want and not the printies.  So take some time before you print or you will get 5 pages of advertising.

This Ezine shows a lot of promise and  contains some good projects and ideas.   This one is free but probably will turn into subscription only.

Another good BBC television series on DVD   and is called Copper. This ran for 2 seasons 2012 and 2013.  I watched the first season over the weekend.  It is New York City in the days of the Civil War .  The main characters are Irish immigrants that served in the  war and  are now Detectives for the New York Police Department.  It follows real events that happened in history.    Another good series and I found it hard to stop watching the 3 DVD set.  Every Episode was better than the one before.


  1. Hi Karen,
    I really like those Realife Miniature kits, I bought the Victorian bedroom set off of Ebay and after what seemed like forever, I did complete it! Whew! I have been wanting that Country Store kit and have been watching Ebay for it. They are so much work but if you take your time on them they do turn out really nice.
    Have a great rest of your week.

  2. Hi Karen! Reallife kits were Wonderful because you could have an entire room furnished from just one box! The House of Miniatures only had one piece per box and the wood was a better quality. However I loved the delicacy of the chairs that the Realife kits offered. I also have the Country Store kit and a Modern Kitchen kit with the cellophane wrap still intact. Ahhhh those were the days weren't they? :))