Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Valentines Day printables

Instead of saying this is late I prefer to say this is right on time for next year.  If you right click on this picture and save to your JPEG picture file, you can then select print onto 8 1/2" x 10" or full page, all of this will come out on the same sheet in just the right scale 1/12".  The work has been done for you. Card stock would be nice to use as well.  The paper dolls  and Valentines are from the 1950's and the larger hearts could be used on boxes of candy.
  When I was in grade school the best fun was making the box to put the Valentines in on the big day.  Usually an oatmeal box or shoe box was decorated with construction paper and doilies.    Most all cards were stuffed with candy hearts or red cherry suckers with a loop handle.  Our hearts were broken if we did not get a card from someone.  My Mother made us give cards to everyone.  Sometimes I would prepare extra cards  with no signature on them for those  that just were not that popular.   I recently cleaned out the cedar chest and found all my daughters valentines from grade school, every one she ever received.  I gave them to her to decide what to do with them.  The years could almost be documented by what  show on TV was popular that year.  Much of a child's self esteem and views on life  certainly forms around Valentines Day.

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