Friday, March 28, 2014

New Inspirations for Spring

This is a new inspiration  on a project from Pin Interest.  Would this not be wonderful in a wall mount glass enclosed box to hand on the wall?  I have always wanted to do one for a baby with all the accessories, one for a man, woman and children.    The paper is so Victorian looking  and match the clothes.
Another cute idea from Pinterest.  This is an inexpensive book  organizer that can be found at craft stores and Ikea has them as well for a few dollars.  This could be great for all the miniature magazines laying on the shelves.  Make a few decorated in other colors and you have a row of townhouses.

Here is the cutest of all.  You all remember the suitcase I made last year from the mini Altoids tin?  That post had over 5,000 hits alone.  It was very popular.  This suitcase  would be cute made from   a mini  Altoids tin.  The dolls could be made from Fimo clay, the polka dots could be applied with a tooth pick dipped in paint. A single doll could be made for one side and a drawer and clothes hanging from the other side, like an old steamer trunk.
Currently in progress is  a project made from an mini Altoids tin.  When it is finished it will be posted  on this blog  .Recently a post  on a  daily mini feed  from a question-answer type blog asked  why someone ( remaining unnamed) hasn't updated anything more recent on their tutorial blog.    Blogs are something that are fun to do in any spare time that is available.  However life is demanding sometimes, seasons come and go, and things don't always run smoothly.  Its a hobby.  We don't always have time for our Hobby's on a regular basis.    Bloggers are just regular people, volunteering their time and  sharing their talents  with others.  This is what they enjoy doing,  sharing and helping others.  That is why time is not always available to post in a blog, however much we want them to.    Since October, I have been helping my Daughter remodel her house, as well as working a day job. There is  very little time to play with miniatures, although it is relaxing to look at  them and plan  new projects.    At times like this I enjoy reading other people's blogs and websites.  Here are a few that might interest you.     This is a place you can go for all things mini and marvelous.  Meet the artisans, learn ideas, and tutorials, shop and share.  It is a great web site.      Bespaq Miniatures has always been the finest made furniture.  It is high end, but so worth it.  They have opened this web site as an outlet store for closeouts, retired items, scratch and dent.  100's of items are going to be added weekly.  This is a promising site and the savings are quite substantial.
Spring is right around the corner, Right?  Snow again yesterday, the sun seems to have moved out of  Ohio completely.
Maybe Columbus was right-The world is square and the Sun  has fallen inside the box.  Even artificial tulips and daffodils looked pretty good to me yesterday and  I bought a big bunch of red and yellow ones for  a basket.  Instantly perked me up.
Maybe now would be a good time to make some in miniature for my flower cart.

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