Saturday, May 24, 2014


This is my inspiration piece from the web.  A chair made from a suitcase. Looks like an Altoid Mint Tin to me.   For this project you will need a mini Altoids case, material,  some type of decorative finials for the legs, I used white spray paint, but any color could be used, foamy sheets for the filling, glue and needle and thread, tiny beads for the tufting.  Material of your choice, something rather thin like cotton or satin.  You will need to sew into this and thicknesses of foam sheet.  Trim, lace or bunka to seal off the edges.

Here are the supplies you will need for this creation. I spray painted my Altoids tin white, cut any color will do.    Make a paper pattern of the tin and cut foamy sheets and fit inside.  This will be the stuffing.  Lay material down and sew into material and foamy sheets.  I used tiny purple beads to create the buttons in the tufts.  Turn the material under and glue on the backside that will be going into the tin.  When you are happy with the fit use a tooth pick and tuck in  the sides all around.  I made a tiny piece for the back side to cover up the Altoids emblem on the lid which  is now the back side.  Use trim and glue around the open area where the pillows meet the tin.  Glue the dowels onto the bottom of the tin for the legs.

I bought these drapery sample books for 50 cents at a resale shop.  It is like a satin material.  A lot of coordinated material in these books.    Each sample is just enough for a dress, chair, blanket or curtain.  Some of the books purchased look like braided rugs. 

Here is the finished slipper stool.  It is a low stool that the women could sit at and change their slippers in the big hoop skirts.  Behind the chair is another piece of material  that matches and it will make a perfect dress to match the chair.  I think this chair would be a great addition to any scene, use at the foot of a bed.  Jean material would be cute.  Handles like the  blue one pictured  above  made into a suit case would also be a great idea.  If you are new to my blog, go to the archives for the suitcase made from Altoids Tin.  Over 6,000 views on that one.

Meet my new floor sweeper.  Sicily helps with the scraps that fall on the floor. She is an English Bulldog and I find it hard to get any work done when she is here.  Who could not love that face!
Doing this project today I followed this web site and listened to 117 songs by Michael McDonald.   ( He Used to be with the Dooby Brothers) You do not have to sign in to my space or have an account.    Listen to your favorites or all of them.  Most of his albums from the beginning of his career are on this site.
He is one of my Favorites and his music is timeless, just in case you are to young to know of the Dooby Brothers.

Just click on this link and you are there!


Sunday, May 18, 2014

3D Update-Another great Invention for Miniatures

This is a 3 dimension figure created by a 3-D copier of the person on the right.
This technology is so fascinating and a great boost to the miniature community.  You might remember this picture as I blogged about it a few months ago.  However, recently a movie was rented from the library that visually shows the 3-D process.    The movie is Minding the Monsters-Jeff Dunham 2012 Halloween special.  You probably have seen this guy on TV with his puppets and he talks for them.  It is a comedy with some adult situations and language.  Not for children but pretty entertaining.
The part of this you will want to watch is the SPECIAL FEATURES.    It show the behind the scenes for creating this special.  The 3-D printer was used to create the puppet faces and the fencing around the house.  A Beacon Hill Doll house was purchased off of EBay and changed into a Haunted House.  The printer is shown and how it works.  It took 120 hours to create the fencing which was created with software on the computer with a Cad drawing.  Fascinating to watch and has a lot of great information and ideas to make miniatures look real life for photography.  One of the captions on the features  was Minding the Miniatures which got my attention.  Watch the special features first and then you will see how the miniatures were incorporated into the show.
As with anything that first comes out, the cost is pretty high.  When all the bugs are out, I am sure the cost will come down just as the laser technology did in the last few years.  This is pretty exciting  technology for all !


Blast from the past-1970's Planter Idea

This is a Lucite mini terrarium from the 1970's.  I had one and loved it!  It was rather large and took up a lot of space but when filled with plants and other little cha-ki's it was pretty neat.  The size would have been about 3' high and 36 " round.
In the process of deep cleaning(still at it)  these packages of nut cups from the Dollar Tree came in to view.  Originally they were for barbecue grills. White and clear.

Being of a Nostalgic mind lately (Birthday milestone) the planter from the  1970's came to mind.  Here is a recreation of that planter, about 3 inches tall  and 6 inches round or 2 " on the round from one side to the other,  the bottom part on the clear one was nipped off.  This would be 1/12" scale.  All that is needed is some fake dirt and some greens.  Viola, a 1970's reproduction Fairy Garden!  This would be a great gift for a mini friend or a mini swap.  With all the smaller scale  animals and garden furniture available it would not be hard to furnish the inside. 
 Sorry I did not finish the inside but I have lots of greens outside that need attended to.  This part of the state has gotten so much rain this spring.  I can truly say my flower beds are Garden's of Weeden!