Sunday, May 18, 2014

3D Update-Another great Invention for Miniatures

This is a 3 dimension figure created by a 3-D copier of the person on the right.
This technology is so fascinating and a great boost to the miniature community.  You might remember this picture as I blogged about it a few months ago.  However, recently a movie was rented from the library that visually shows the 3-D process.    The movie is Minding the Monsters-Jeff Dunham 2012 Halloween special.  You probably have seen this guy on TV with his puppets and he talks for them.  It is a comedy with some adult situations and language.  Not for children but pretty entertaining.
The part of this you will want to watch is the SPECIAL FEATURES.    It show the behind the scenes for creating this special.  The 3-D printer was used to create the puppet faces and the fencing around the house.  A Beacon Hill Doll house was purchased off of EBay and changed into a Haunted House.  The printer is shown and how it works.  It took 120 hours to create the fencing which was created with software on the computer with a Cad drawing.  Fascinating to watch and has a lot of great information and ideas to make miniatures look real life for photography.  One of the captions on the features  was Minding the Miniatures which got my attention.  Watch the special features first and then you will see how the miniatures were incorporated into the show.
As with anything that first comes out, the cost is pretty high.  When all the bugs are out, I am sure the cost will come down just as the laser technology did in the last few years.  This is pretty exciting  technology for all !


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