Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blast from the past-1970's Planter Idea

This is a Lucite mini terrarium from the 1970's.  I had one and loved it!  It was rather large and took up a lot of space but when filled with plants and other little cha-ki's it was pretty neat.  The size would have been about 3' high and 36 " round.
In the process of deep cleaning(still at it)  these packages of nut cups from the Dollar Tree came in to view.  Originally they were for barbecue grills. White and clear.

Being of a Nostalgic mind lately (Birthday milestone) the planter from the  1970's came to mind.  Here is a recreation of that planter, about 3 inches tall  and 6 inches round or 2 " on the round from one side to the other,  the bottom part on the clear one was nipped off.  This would be 1/12" scale.  All that is needed is some fake dirt and some greens.  Viola, a 1970's reproduction Fairy Garden!  This would be a great gift for a mini friend or a mini swap.  With all the smaller scale  animals and garden furniture available it would not be hard to furnish the inside. 
 Sorry I did not finish the inside but I have lots of greens outside that need attended to.  This part of the state has gotten so much rain this spring.  I can truly say my flower beds are Garden's of Weeden!

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