Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 NAME Miniature Convention, Indianapolis, Indiana Jane Graber Souvenir Artisan

This is another souvenir from the 2015 NAME Miniature Convention held in July 2015.  The mini artisan was Jane Graber.  She is a well known miniature potter, a favorite of mine since she started in the 1980's. All of her pieces are based on 18th and 19th folk art pottery.  All are signed by Jane with her name and date.  These bowls are 1 inch-3/4" and 1/2"  all fit inside the other.  Each of the approx. 550 people that attended the convention got a  set of these.  Now that's 1,650 pieces all hand made on a potters wheel, glazed and a tiny green pin strip around each. Remarkable!!

If you do an image search of Jane Graber pottery you will see the most beautiful pottery in 1" scale.  There are many articles to check out about her  as well.  Jane sells  her pottery at many shows every year.  Articles have appeared in many of the miniature publications.  She is a delightful person  and it shows in her beautiful miniature pottery. Her stoneware has a place of honor in my collection.  I once saw her at a show and asked if she could make a face jug for me.  She had never made one but said she would try it and the outcome was certainly to my liking.  An original.

Her tiny pieces of art would become my inspiration to try pottery myself.  It takes talent and a lot of patience to do this.  After many disappointments  on my part  it was  decided an artisan deserves to be paid for that talent and purchased quite a few items from her at the Philadelphia show.  It was a good choice.!

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