Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2015 NAME National Miniature Convention- Pat Boldt Dollmaking class

This is a doll I did not get to finish in the class.   She is about 1-1/2" in a sitting position.

These tiny dolls were made in a class taught by Pat Boldt at the 2015 NAME National Miniature Convention.  The class was 4 hours long and I got 4 dolls finished.  Pat painted and assembled the dolls and taught us how to dress them and wig them.    The picture does not give you an idea on how small these are.  Here are the measurements starting on the right with the Cupie doll and going to the left.
Cupie is 1\2" long. 3/4" for the black headband doll,  1-inch for the green and yellow dress, 1-1/2" on the red hair pink bow, and  1-1/2" on the pink flower hat.  These were so tiny, I used tweezers on them and tooth picks.  Quick grab glue was used so nothing had to be pinned or held.
This was a fun class and Pat is so patient and encouraging .  It was a full class and she taught us a lot of new techniques.  
Pat was a dealer at the show with both dolls and material, silk ribbon, wigging supplies, buka and doll kits.
If you Google her name a lot of articles will come up and image search and her beautiful dolls will appear.

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