Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 NAME National Miniature Convention, Hostesses

At every Name Miniature Convention there are three scheduled dinner events.  At sign up time you have the option to choose who or what group you want to sit  with at these functions.  Since I attended alone and knew no one it was just hit or miss.  The table is the same one for all three functions and your table mates will be the same as well.

The table Hostess is responsible for greeting everyone and making sure every thing flows smoothly.
She  passes out the Name souvenirs when the time is appointed and makes sure everyone is taken care of and  handles any problems if they arise.  The table where  I sat  the hostess was Carol House from  Virginia.  10 people all from different parts of the country sitting at the same table.  Carol had us socializing with each other in no time.  It takes talent to do that.  The picture above is of gifts she made for all of us at each function.  Every gift was in a little shopping bag that was hand made by her.

  The gingerbread apron towels and pot holders, along with the cookbook, chopping board and picture were in a box with gingerbread men on it.  The presentation was as beautiful as the gifts inside.   She was as lovely as the gifts she presented to us.    They will fill a special place in my kitchen  room box that will house my other Convention memories.

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  1. Precioso regalo!!! Me alegro que disfrutarás en la Convención!!!