Sunday, August 30, 2015


A beautiful fall picture, much like the day out today.  Cooler temperatures. brighter colors, everything is an artist palette.
At the local craft store I purchased mini canvas paper 1" x 2"  and  mini easels,  Watercolor  and  acrylic paint.  Something is stirring in me to try yet another miniature experiment.  Just exactly what hasn't been told to me yet.  At least I got the goods when that idea strikes me. When it does I will share the inspiration. 


                                                          HARRY POTTER COOKIE BAGS
Bottle labels







A book cover for the Witches house

These could be masks for a doll.  Print out on card stock and use a punch an punch a hole in to eyes.  Attach a string on each side to tie around the face of a tiny child doll.

This would make a nice cover on a book.  Antique with alcohol dyes to look old.

Make smaller for bottle labels

These could be cut out of card stock and used for hinges and  doors

Here are a few printables  that could be used in your Halloween Decorating.  To get them to the size you want , save the picture to JPEG picture file.  When You open  from the picture file, press print in the top task bar and it will give you a bunch  of selections.  I usually do the smallest, wallet size but experiment with each until its the scale you want.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Miniature finds at Hobby Lobby

 Hobby Lobby has a lot of miniatures in the Jewelry section.  I found these under the brand Fairy tale.
The 3 books are some of my favorites.
 Fairy tale brand in jewelry section, a rabbit head, hour glass with sand in it, really works and decorative keys for Alice in Wonderland.  This brand also carries a lot of items to do with pirates, diving bells, and knights of the round table items.  You can tell by the name of the brand it makes things to go with just about any Fairy tale.  A lot of variety.
 These are also from the jewelry section very tiny keys that I am going to put on a tiny chain and put around the waist of a 1/12" doll or perhaps make Mr. Jingling  a character from my youth.

  In case you don't know who Mr. Jingling was- I will tell you.  If you lived in the television viewing area of Cleveland Ohio in the 1950's and 1960's he was a Christmas Icon.  All his items are highly collectible now.  He ushered in the Christmas season right after Thanksgiving  with the current toys from Halle's Department store.  He was the keeper of the keys for the toys.  If you visited him because Santa was so busy he gave you a key.  His dress was that of an elf.  As I look back on him now, he was rather a rather scary creature but I looked forward to his show everyday.   There was always an update on Santa, a story and then the latest toys were shown.  The anticipation I felt while  waiting for the toys and dolls to be shown is revisiting me now as this is being typed.  We didn't live near Halle's so I never got to meet him.  Sears, Penny's and Montgomery Wards were the catalogs that had well worn and the corners bent to mark the items we most wanted.  The jingle for the show went like this-"Mr. Jingling how you tingling, keeper of the keys. On Halle's 7th floor, we'll be looken for you to turn the key."  If you google his name some u-tube videos will come up.-

Tiny black and white cameos, just the right size for a 1/12 doll.  I use these under the neckline for jewelry.  Could also be used in steam punk, on candlestick or wall scones or on boxes on a dresser, hat boxes.  I only saw black and white ones.

There are lots of miniature Steam punk items as well in this same area to be used for clothing, mini furniture with lots of gears and wheels.  I like the looks of the items but haven't figured out what to make with them.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It's that time of year again.  The air is a little cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and our thoughts are thinking about mini Halloween items.  These items were  found at Michael's  Craft store this past week.  If you want any of these, go soon, they are putting them on sale already.  Don't forget your coupon  and ask at the front desk if they have an additional coupon for the whole purchase. If you register your E Mail you will receive 40% coupons every week.  The same goes with Hobby Lobby.

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Recollections Halloween Doilies.  5.5"  round heavy paper can be used for floor cloths in a miniature scene or a table cloth.  These are bright orange with black trim and scalloped edges. 30 to a pack.  Found in the Halloween section of the scrap book aisle.

 This is a pumpkin that looks real.  They come in black, white, and orange.  These are like the  ones that can be carved out  of soft plastic. Going  back a week after first seeing them the orange was gone.  Bought a can of orange spray paint to finish the project.  There is also very tall ones available which could be made into a two story building.

 This is the other side.  A half of a pumpkin with a floor to it.  Perfect for a room setting for Halloween!!  Maybe a Fairy Garden??

 Another Recollections Stickers in the Halloween section of the  scrap book aisle.  Looks like vintage pictures looking straight at them from the front.

 Turn them side ways  they are holograms and become skeletons and long gone relatives.

 This is another Halloween scrap book section Tim Holtz idea-ology item.  Ephemera pack with 97 pieces in it.  A treasure to have and enjoy looking at.  All different sizes but can be used in miniature.  Pictures, skeletons, Halloween posters, cards, vintage labels, moons, old advertising items,tickets, games.  Tim's web site click this and go to Tim's web site for more of his creative ideas and designs.
All of his items are what I would design if that were my thing.  Everything he makes is A-OK with me.

This lovely hard plastic 1/2 scale house was found at the flea market for $3.00.  It is a log cabin and very detailed on the outside, roof  and the flooring has ridging on the floors like real wood.  I can see it painted barn red and slate color roof  setting on a high shelf.   1/2" scale isn't my thing  but this was a find.  A door bell actually  rang as I passed and it caught my attention.  Wow, it really wanted to go home with me.  A real size shopping cart suddenly appeared in front of us and we grabbed it to put our growing treasures in.

The inside of the tiny house.  Such detail.  No markings on the bottom of the maker or brand of this house.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This summer my Daughter and I have been on numerous day trips in search of  fun and  adventure.
We have not been at all disappointed this year.  Now that Fall is soon approaching our calender is marked with the events and festivals we wish to attend.  Here are some unexpected finds that have been found this summer.

Flea Market Find-  Wall hanging room box in rustic frame  15" x 18".  Some of the items are a little out of proportion but the basic items are just right and I love the eaves on the top of the ceiling.  I will remake this over . $3.00 bargain

 If you look back into my archives you will remember the pictures of planters out of cement in the shape of heads that  I went on to make out of plaster and ceramic in 1/12" scale.  At a resale shop we  found this life size head.  It is resin and looks like faux granite ware.  Made my day!  Inside is a succulent cactus planted to look like hair.

 This is a trinket box in the shape of a house.  It has lattice work on the bottom and each room can hold an item for display.  This is like the printers trays that were so popular a few years back .
It is about 18" x 18".  I will use it for pottery pieces in miniature.

 This is not a miniature but a pillow case in life size.  I am a romantic at heart and I couldn't leave the store without this.  My Grandmother's name was Daisy and this is a very lovely embroidered pillowcase on linen.  It appears to be very old.  Perhaps it could be copied into 1/12" scale for a wall hanging or foot stool.
 Hobby Lobby had these window frames in a package for a few dollars.  I had the 40% coupon and thought they would look good in a shabby chic house.

 I found these at Michael's in the scrap book section.  Tim Holtz Designs Mini bottles in unusual shapes for 1/12" scale decorating.  Take advantage of the coupons and you pay very little for these. Real glass with corks stoppers
 This is a resin wicker chair and table found at a garage sale.  The detail is quite realistic looking, but the green color is drab.  Painted in white and dry brushed with some of the green showing thru would make it more realistic. 1/12" scale.  Fairy garden chair?

1999 Realistic leather chair and ottoman by Raine.  There was a series of collector  chairs about this time and this was one of them..  It looks and feels just like real leather.  This was found at a resale shop  and I was tickled to come across this.  It is 1/12" scale and the price was $2.00.  Daddy needs a chair!!

It is always exciting  coming across a miniature in a non miniature store. .  Usually the person behind the checkout says," Oh, I just put that out. "   I know, it knew I was coming.  My Daughter and I have
started to write things down that we need or are looking for.  They usually appear within weeks of our putting the items  down on paper.  It's sort of a bucket list of treasures.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

2015 NAME National Miniature Convention, Hostesses

At every Name Miniature Convention there are three scheduled dinner events.  At sign up time you have the option to choose who or what group you want to sit  with at these functions.  Since I attended alone and knew no one it was just hit or miss.  The table is the same one for all three functions and your table mates will be the same as well.

The table Hostess is responsible for greeting everyone and making sure every thing flows smoothly.
She  passes out the Name souvenirs when the time is appointed and makes sure everyone is taken care of and  handles any problems if they arise.  The table where  I sat  the hostess was Carol House from  Virginia.  10 people all from different parts of the country sitting at the same table.  Carol had us socializing with each other in no time.  It takes talent to do that.  The picture above is of gifts she made for all of us at each function.  Every gift was in a little shopping bag that was hand made by her.

  The gingerbread apron towels and pot holders, along with the cookbook, chopping board and picture were in a box with gingerbread men on it.  The presentation was as beautiful as the gifts inside.   She was as lovely as the gifts she presented to us.    They will fill a special place in my kitchen  room box that will house my other Convention memories.


This year's Hospitality Room at the Convention was organized and led by Patty Johnson and Betty Dewitt.  They put together kits for everyone who came into the Hospitality room to make and enjoy their spare time and  meet  other miniaturists from all over the world.  There were jig saw puzzles set up to work on.  At the end of the week they were completed.   Lots of magazines were donated to  enjoy reading including vintage Nutshell News .  Lets not forget the candy bowls to keep our spirits and energy  up.  I enjoyed the  humor and the great job they did on the kits for us to make each day.
They also designed a card stock cut and assemble food truck in 1/2" scale, a different one each day. 
These were really cute and very popular.  By the time I got there they were all gone.
 This kit of recipe books  came with card stock in all colors, a foam core to cut for the book and preprinted stickers for the front of the book.    The theme was What's Cookin? and notice the 2nd book from the right has the logo on it.  A red and white striped and polka dot book container to hold the books was also made, but I did not get a chance to finish mine.
 A card stock pizza box was cut and glued  to make it 3-d
 All the goods for a pizza were then provided, cheese, pepperoni, onions, peppers and sauce.  The sauce was a little red-orange glass stain with white gesso mixed to a tomato sauce  color and spread  on a premade Fimo clay  pizza crust.  Topped with Fimo clay-premade and shredded cheese and premade pepperoni slices.  A little glue was spread over before each was applied.  When all was glued on Modge Podge Dimensional Magic was applied to give it that melted cheese look.  This was a great project and did not take a lot of time to make.  Having made kits before myself, I know the Betty and Patty put a lot of time and effort into this.
I was pleased with the outcome.
 These are other kits that were prepared on other days to keep us busy.  Hamburger, french fries and green beans.  All made out of Fimo clay, already made and baked, we just had to assemble.  Notice the Green beans how the liquid looks real.  I couldn't have been happier with my projects when done.  The new Modge Podge item that was used was new to me.  It is something that I have added to my craft supplies for miniature food making.
Here is the new Modge Podge products that were used in the food.    It's been awhile since I used Modge Podge for Decoupage, but  they have reinvented themselves and now have molds and dyes and  glue sticks that are used in the molds, jewelry making and some of the designs could be used in miniatures.  Available at craft stores.

The colors shown here are clear and Sepia tone.  The back of the package  says you can create faux mosaic, and textures with added dimension.  Dries with sepia effect while still seeing the image below.  Works with Modge Podge, acrylic paint, dyes pigments and more.  Stay put formula won't sag or run.  Perfect for jewelry, paper crafting and accenting home decor items.  Looks like it self bevels.  The green bean (clear was used) still looks liquid but is dry.  It did not crack like glue would have.  I am looking forward to experimenting with this product. Resin is rather messy and the smell is toxic.  It's very possible this could be used for small projects like filling bottles.  The sepia color intrigues me.  Maybe for bottles with items in it for a Wizards table or lab.

The Hospitality Room was a great time and Thank You everyone who set this up for all the convention attendees to enjoy and have a place to relax, socialize and kick our feet up during that very busy week.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

NAME 2015 Name National Miniature Convention-Cookie Baking

This is a cookie preparation table that was made for door prizes at the convention.  The theme was What's Cook'in?  It took the longest time to figure out what to make for the door prizes and tote bag favors.  I was told do what you love doing  best in real life.  Bake cookies.  So my theme was born and the picture above is the final project.  Four of these tables were donated for door prizes to be given out to the participants.  There were enough donations for approx. 550 people to get a prize  at the first banquet.  The plate of cookies on the table were the 21 swap items needed and 10 were also donated to the children's group.  All total I baked over 700 cookies to make the platters out of Fimo clay and tiny buttons dipped in glue and sparkle dust for sugar cookies.

 If you look back in my archives you will find the article with pictures of the pink metal kitchen play set from sears that occupied my play area in the 1950's.    I have put that on my bucket list  to find one someday, but until then Debbie Young and Jeff Packard had this 1/4" scale molded 1950's stove, refrigerator and table and chair at their stand.  They will be painted  pink, and it will just have to do until I can mark them off my bucket list finds..

This was the most exciting thing I bought at the show.  Ruth Stewart makes this cake decorating kit for mini cakes.  There is a star tip and the other 2 look like pins but actually have a hole in them so you can write.  If you go onto Ruth's website you will see her beautiful lifelike cakes and cupcakes.  My favorite ones are the checkerboard cakes.

She has her web site set up so you can purchase from it.  She does all scales and has silicon molds for cupcakes, cookies.  Her booth was so popular with a long line  at the show,  and everything sold out very quickly.   A large variety of laser cut doilies including black ones are part of  the inventory as well..

I will show the  2015 Name Souvenir that she made at the convention as soon as I unpack it.
I look forward to this winter when I can try out the  mini cake decorator.

If you Google search for images of Ruth Stewart miniatures a lot of pictures of her items will come up.