Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It's that time of year again.  The air is a little cooler, the leaves are starting to turn, and our thoughts are thinking about mini Halloween items.  These items were  found at Michael's  Craft store this past week.  If you want any of these, go soon, they are putting them on sale already.  Don't forget your coupon  and ask at the front desk if they have an additional coupon for the whole purchase. If you register your E Mail you will receive 40% coupons every week.  The same goes with Hobby Lobby.

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Recollections Halloween Doilies.  5.5"  round heavy paper can be used for floor cloths in a miniature scene or a table cloth.  These are bright orange with black trim and scalloped edges. 30 to a pack.  Found in the Halloween section of the scrap book aisle.

 This is a pumpkin that looks real.  They come in black, white, and orange.  These are like the  ones that can be carved out  of soft plastic. Going  back a week after first seeing them the orange was gone.  Bought a can of orange spray paint to finish the project.  There is also very tall ones available which could be made into a two story building.

 This is the other side.  A half of a pumpkin with a floor to it.  Perfect for a room setting for Halloween!!  Maybe a Fairy Garden??

 Another Recollections Stickers in the Halloween section of the  scrap book aisle.  Looks like vintage pictures looking straight at them from the front.

 Turn them side ways  they are holograms and become skeletons and long gone relatives.

 This is another Halloween scrap book section Tim Holtz idea-ology item.  Ephemera pack with 97 pieces in it.  A treasure to have and enjoy looking at.  All different sizes but can be used in miniature.  Pictures, skeletons, Halloween posters, cards, vintage labels, moons, old advertising items,tickets, games.  Tim's web site click this and go to Tim's web site for more of his creative ideas and designs.
All of his items are what I would design if that were my thing.  Everything he makes is A-OK with me.

This lovely hard plastic 1/2 scale house was found at the flea market for $3.00.  It is a log cabin and very detailed on the outside, roof  and the flooring has ridging on the floors like real wood.  I can see it painted barn red and slate color roof  setting on a high shelf.   1/2" scale isn't my thing  but this was a find.  A door bell actually  rang as I passed and it caught my attention.  Wow, it really wanted to go home with me.  A real size shopping cart suddenly appeared in front of us and we grabbed it to put our growing treasures in.

The inside of the tiny house.  Such detail.  No markings on the bottom of the maker or brand of this house.


  1. Me encantan tus compras,sobre todo esa preciosa calabaza que estoy deseando verla decorada!!!!

  2. The house is by Sylvanian Families which is called Calico Critters in the USA.


  3. Thank you Becky! I just adore it and am using it as part of my Christmas decorations. I am fixing the porch up with lights and putting a little lighted tree in the window. It is on my mantel over the fireplace.