Sunday, August 30, 2015


A book cover for the Witches house

These could be masks for a doll.  Print out on card stock and use a punch an punch a hole in to eyes.  Attach a string on each side to tie around the face of a tiny child doll.

This would make a nice cover on a book.  Antique with alcohol dyes to look old.

Make smaller for bottle labels

These could be cut out of card stock and used for hinges and  doors

Here are a few printables  that could be used in your Halloween Decorating.  To get them to the size you want , save the picture to JPEG picture file.  When You open  from the picture file, press print in the top task bar and it will give you a bunch  of selections.  I usually do the smallest, wallet size but experiment with each until its the scale you want.

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