Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This summer my Daughter and I have been on numerous day trips in search of  fun and  adventure.
We have not been at all disappointed this year.  Now that Fall is soon approaching our calender is marked with the events and festivals we wish to attend.  Here are some unexpected finds that have been found this summer.

Flea Market Find-  Wall hanging room box in rustic frame  15" x 18".  Some of the items are a little out of proportion but the basic items are just right and I love the eaves on the top of the ceiling.  I will remake this over . $3.00 bargain

 If you look back into my archives you will remember the pictures of planters out of cement in the shape of heads that  I went on to make out of plaster and ceramic in 1/12" scale.  At a resale shop we  found this life size head.  It is resin and looks like faux granite ware.  Made my day!  Inside is a succulent cactus planted to look like hair.

 This is a trinket box in the shape of a house.  It has lattice work on the bottom and each room can hold an item for display.  This is like the printers trays that were so popular a few years back .
It is about 18" x 18".  I will use it for pottery pieces in miniature.

 This is not a miniature but a pillow case in life size.  I am a romantic at heart and I couldn't leave the store without this.  My Grandmother's name was Daisy and this is a very lovely embroidered pillowcase on linen.  It appears to be very old.  Perhaps it could be copied into 1/12" scale for a wall hanging or foot stool.
 Hobby Lobby had these window frames in a package for a few dollars.  I had the 40% coupon and thought they would look good in a shabby chic house.

 I found these at Michael's in the scrap book section.  Tim Holtz Designs Mini bottles in unusual shapes for 1/12" scale decorating.  Take advantage of the coupons and you pay very little for these. Real glass with corks stoppers
 This is a resin wicker chair and table found at a garage sale.  The detail is quite realistic looking, but the green color is drab.  Painted in white and dry brushed with some of the green showing thru would make it more realistic. 1/12" scale.  Fairy garden chair?

1999 Realistic leather chair and ottoman by Raine.  There was a series of collector  chairs about this time and this was one of them..  It looks and feels just like real leather.  This was found at a resale shop  and I was tickled to come across this.  It is 1/12" scale and the price was $2.00.  Daddy needs a chair!!

It is always exciting  coming across a miniature in a non miniature store. .  Usually the person behind the checkout says," Oh, I just put that out. "   I know, it knew I was coming.  My Daughter and I have
started to write things down that we need or are looking for.  They usually appear within weeks of our putting the items  down on paper.  It's sort of a bucket list of treasures.


  1. Que grandes hallazgos y muy bien de precio!! Me gustan tanto los reales como los de miniaturas!!!
    Grandes tesoros!!

  2. Es una suerte encontrar esos tesoros, felicidades por esos hallazgos:-)