Thursday, August 27, 2015

Miniature finds at Hobby Lobby

 Hobby Lobby has a lot of miniatures in the Jewelry section.  I found these under the brand Fairy tale.
The 3 books are some of my favorites.
 Fairy tale brand in jewelry section, a rabbit head, hour glass with sand in it, really works and decorative keys for Alice in Wonderland.  This brand also carries a lot of items to do with pirates, diving bells, and knights of the round table items.  You can tell by the name of the brand it makes things to go with just about any Fairy tale.  A lot of variety.
 These are also from the jewelry section very tiny keys that I am going to put on a tiny chain and put around the waist of a 1/12" doll or perhaps make Mr. Jingling  a character from my youth.

  In case you don't know who Mr. Jingling was- I will tell you.  If you lived in the television viewing area of Cleveland Ohio in the 1950's and 1960's he was a Christmas Icon.  All his items are highly collectible now.  He ushered in the Christmas season right after Thanksgiving  with the current toys from Halle's Department store.  He was the keeper of the keys for the toys.  If you visited him because Santa was so busy he gave you a key.  His dress was that of an elf.  As I look back on him now, he was rather a rather scary creature but I looked forward to his show everyday.   There was always an update on Santa, a story and then the latest toys were shown.  The anticipation I felt while  waiting for the toys and dolls to be shown is revisiting me now as this is being typed.  We didn't live near Halle's so I never got to meet him.  Sears, Penny's and Montgomery Wards were the catalogs that had well worn and the corners bent to mark the items we most wanted.  The jingle for the show went like this-"Mr. Jingling how you tingling, keeper of the keys. On Halle's 7th floor, we'll be looken for you to turn the key."  If you google his name some u-tube videos will come up.-

Tiny black and white cameos, just the right size for a 1/12 doll.  I use these under the neckline for jewelry.  Could also be used in steam punk, on candlestick or wall scones or on boxes on a dresser, hat boxes.  I only saw black and white ones.

There are lots of miniature Steam punk items as well in this same area to be used for clothing, mini furniture with lots of gears and wheels.  I like the looks of the items but haven't figured out what to make with them.


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