Thursday, August 20, 2015

NAME 2015 Name National Miniature Convention-Cookie Baking

This is a cookie preparation table that was made for door prizes at the convention.  The theme was What's Cook'in?  It took the longest time to figure out what to make for the door prizes and tote bag favors.  I was told do what you love doing  best in real life.  Bake cookies.  So my theme was born and the picture above is the final project.  Four of these tables were donated for door prizes to be given out to the participants.  There were enough donations for approx. 550 people to get a prize  at the first banquet.  The plate of cookies on the table were the 21 swap items needed and 10 were also donated to the children's group.  All total I baked over 700 cookies to make the platters out of Fimo clay and tiny buttons dipped in glue and sparkle dust for sugar cookies.

 If you look back in my archives you will find the article with pictures of the pink metal kitchen play set from sears that occupied my play area in the 1950's.    I have put that on my bucket list  to find one someday, but until then Debbie Young and Jeff Packard had this 1/4" scale molded 1950's stove, refrigerator and table and chair at their stand.  They will be painted  pink, and it will just have to do until I can mark them off my bucket list finds..

This was the most exciting thing I bought at the show.  Ruth Stewart makes this cake decorating kit for mini cakes.  There is a star tip and the other 2 look like pins but actually have a hole in them so you can write.  If you go onto Ruth's website you will see her beautiful lifelike cakes and cupcakes.  My favorite ones are the checkerboard cakes.

She has her web site set up so you can purchase from it.  She does all scales and has silicon molds for cupcakes, cookies.  Her booth was so popular with a long line  at the show,  and everything sold out very quickly.   A large variety of laser cut doilies including black ones are part of  the inventory as well..

I will show the  2015 Name Souvenir that she made at the convention as soon as I unpack it.
I look forward to this winter when I can try out the  mini cake decorator.

If you Google search for images of Ruth Stewart miniatures a lot of pictures of her items will come up.

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  1. Hi Karen! Your cooking making table is Packed with details and wonderful aromas! :D I can't imagine making as many cookies as you have done, but I know that others that participate in the convention, are doing the same kinds of volume too! It is a real treat when you have the opportunity to receive back the talents of so many others and have so much fun in the process! :D