Sunday, August 16, 2015


 Souvenir from What's Cookin NAME event July 30-August 2 by Carolyn McVicker.  Approx. 550 of these were made by her, one for each attendee.  The picture does not do it justice.  It has sparkle sugar icing on it and handmade roses of icing.  This is 1" scale of course.  I wonder how long it took her to make 550 of these?
This is a class I took that was taught by Carolyn McVicker in 4 hours.  The detail cannot be seen in this picture, but it is so detailed and looks real.  Her techniques made it really easy.  I learned a lot in this class and was very happy with the outcome. Texture on the Fimo meatballs is Velcro.  Salad is shredded plastic bags that were painted.  Spaghetti made with an extruder.

Carolyn McVicker's website     This is a lovely and colorful site and you can purchase her beautiful creations on line.  Just looking at each item is such an inspiration.  Hover your cursor over the brown letters and it will give you the location.

I have been missing from this web site since May of 2014.  Trying to cut my monthly expenses I decided to get rid of my land line and just have a cell phone.  Good choice, but I forgot I had 2 step verification to get into my blog.  They call a number on your  LAND LINE and give you a code to type in for extra security.  Well without the land line I couldn't  get that code and I have been trying since 2014 to get my blog back.  I don't know if its a computer writing back  to me but  its not giving in.  It's a miracle how I got back into my blog but I will keep it to myself less they bump me out again.

Name-National Associates of Miniature Enthusiasts   Hover over the brown letters to get the website for Name.  Check out this organization for membership and all that they offer.  You must be a member to attend the Conventions and State Days.

The Convention was a week long vacation for me.  I had classes every day by a well known artisan.
There was banquets, garage sales, swaps, round tables, the tote bags (over 100 items in each one) were the best ever.  An auction and house party raffles, table decorations were given away.  Every one got a door prize at the first banquet.  A special evening event called the Mad Hatter taught and made by Robin Betterley that was a cupcake stand.  There was themed luncheons of your choice. A Miniature show topped off the event, and a gigantic exhibition room filled with every ones very own creations.  There was a hospitality room for fun events and socializing with other miniaturists from all over the world.

I was very tired at the end of the week from so much activity.  It seemed like it took longer to get home than it did to get there.  I will share my other classes in the next blog.  I am so Happy to be back blogging again.  I have a lot of How to's to share and of course its time to start those Halloween projects.

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