Monday, August 17, 2015

Name 2015 National Convention, Indianapolis Indianna Carl Bronsdon

This is a class taken at the Indianapolis National NAME Convention in July 2015 taught by Carl Bronsdon.  The class was Pastry table and French pastry treats and involved 3-8 hour days.  His work is so detailed and so realistic.  Admittedly  the first class I felt maybe was  over my head.  But he teaches so detailed, so patient and has such good instruction, both written and verbally.  He took each item and demonstrated it first and let us go back and try to remember.  I'm a fan.  After taking his classes and succeeding in each, I walked away thinking, now why didn't I think of that!  It is not so hard once you know the techniques.  The only obstacle is trying to make your fingers cooperate in such a small task.  The food looks good enough to eat.    The above picture is Carl's picture to show the project.
 Here are a few of the items  made along with the table.  The tiny tea cakes are still sticking to the scotch tape to hold them down.They will be assembled  when the French Pastry shoppe is done.  They are truly little bite size treats all less than 1-inch high.
 This was a Convention Souvenir made by Carl Bronsdon 2015.  Approx. 550 of these were made all alike and less than 1" high.  The little parfait glasses are real glass.
This is a tiny creme puff swan on the tip of my finger.  This was the most challenging of all items made.  A good set of tweezers helped on this one.  The creme was piped in side by a pastry bag made of waxed paper and filled with modeling compound and white paint. It was about 1- inch high and folded and twisted..  With the top folded down the creme came out just like the real thing.

Carl has been making miniatures since he was 15.  He lives in Seattle and does shows and classes.
His work has appeared in Miniature Collector and Dollhouse Miniatures.   He is a set and costume designer and does miniatures in his spare time.

If you see a class being taught by him, do not hesitate to take it or think  its to far above your
ability.  You can do it.!

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