Thursday, September 10, 2015


These are full size (not miniature)  that I made for Halloween decorating.  The pictures do not do them justice.  The hats are full of sparkles, The hats and paper mache heads are from Michael's.  The black bases are candle sticks from Dollar Tree.  I used a dowel pin to fit the candle sticks and then put a tiny undersized hole in the bottom of each head and forced the dowel into the hole.  No gluing necessary.  White paint on the paper mache heads   My lace stash provided the under the chin collar.  I added  additional ribbons and netting underneath the hat to balance out the size. The are about 12 inches high

To make 1/12" size skeleton head hat forms

To make 1/12" size you need 3 of these plastic skeletons from Dollar Tree.  I found some for 75 cents at Walgreens drug store.  Cut the heads at the base of the head.  Using a high speed Dremel tool, drill a hole to fit the size dowel pin  you are using at the base of the head.

This is the first hat stand that was made using a doll head.  Thats a dime on the table to tell what size it is.  The bases are wood buttons and the stands are miscellanousa wood finials I had left over from other projects.  You could use a dowel pin.

I painted each head white and then dry brush  black over them.  Concentrate on the eyes and teeth to give highlights there.  This one is done with angels wings and a white chiffon bow on the top of the hat.  Black paper was used to cut a pattern to fit the head..  The top seemed to long so I bent them over.

 This one has purple bows all around the brim, a black and white striped collar and purple bow underneath.  This is a good way to get rid of little bits and pieces you have saved.

This is and orange trim with a pre-pleated bow under the chin.  The orange, green and gold decoration is an earring that I lost the mate for.  Perfect Halloween colors.

These are 1/12"  skeleton heads for mini decorating, inspired by the large ones at the beginning of the blog.    I think these will be the start of a shop of clothes and accessories for classy witches.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015


All of these can be saved by right clicking and saving to JPEG file.  The size will be determined by how you print them from your picture file.  I usually go for the contact sheet that will print 35 items.

These 3 half ladies masks are 1/12" scale.  They will print just a little larger than shown.  Right click on each and save as a JPEG.  Then from your picture file click print-select the contact sheet that prints out 35 and unselect or uncheck the fit picture to frame box.  If you do not uncheck the box they will print larger.  Print on card stock cut out and attach thread or small elastic to hold onto head.  You could also attach to a small flat stick, they also held the masks to their faces.

This past week end was extra long due to Labor Day .  I spent the extra day making some new items for Halloween tutorials that will be shared in the near future.  It was very warm out so the air conditioning felt pretty good.  

On Saturday my daughter, a friend and myself went garage sale shopping and Tiquing.  What a fun day of bargains for us all!  We usually start the day out  stating what each of us is looking for and we all keep a look out.   I found 3 Shadow boxes for mini scenes, a rusty but unique tin Fleshman's Yeast box filled with vintage tiny mini items for 50 cents, and a whole bag of the tiny artist canvas's.  One sale had new craft patterns from the 1990's for 25 cents each.  A few of the patterns are for mini bears and doll house dolls with accessories and furniture.    A real find was a Buster Brown paper doll set.  These were given out when you purchased a pair of Buster Brown shoes. He had a bulldog as a mascot.

It was a lovely Fall  day followed by a barbecue with the guy's when they returned from a day of golf.  Any day that ends with a meal including cheesy potatoes and chocolate  is my kind of day!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tutorial for Shabby Chic shutter shelf in 1/12" miniature scale

This is a mini tutorial for a shutter shelf that can be made in an evening.  I made 9 of these as table gifts for the Name Convention in Indiana this summer.  A magnet could be placed on the back for the refrigerator but mine is going into a a Shabby Chic house that is in progress.  

 Supplies needed:  4-1/2" wood Housework's shutter, small blackboard  2-1/4" x 1-1/2", scrap material in red check for dish towel, 3 tooth picks with routed decorative ends, a flower pot and scrap flowers, rolling pin, misc. copper utensils, decorative plate, small basket, milk bottle, a wood chicken and cow, a tiny jar of beads,wood bowl filled with grapes, a cook book with a cover taken from the Internet.  The oven mitts are from material I found with the aprons on it.  I put Modge Podge on the back of the apron to stiffen and added bunka and ribbon trim with buttons.  The mitts I glued onto a thin piece of foam and then cut out and attached with thread.  The grapevine wreath is brown cloth covered wire twisted to look like a wreath.  Scrap wood  2-1/2" long  two pieces needed for the top and bottom shelf
 Cut the shutter in half and glue side by side making sure the slats are both going the same direction.  I made an error putting the slats down.  You put yours up so the utensils have a slot to go into.  Sand top and bottom after glue dries to level off  to be same size on each size.

  Glue a piece of wood to the top for a shelf and one on the bottom for a shelf.  The thickness is up to you.  I used scrap pieces in my stash.  The bottom shelf will have to be a little thicker because of the pegs you have to drill holes for.  Using the tooth picks with the routed decorative ends cut to desired size, drill holes and glue into them as shown.  Glue blackboard on the bottom.  Let dry

  To add extra support I glued a piece of scrapbook paper with chicken wire on it to the back side cut to size.

Apply two coats of white paint.  When dry use a piece of fine sandpaper or an emery board and sand off to desired state of shabbiness.  If you get white paint on the black board section use black paint to touch it up.

 Now you are ready to decorate.  You can use any kind of ornamentation  from your stash but this is how I put mine together.  The tiny cow and chicken are wood veneer die cut wood pieces from Studio Calico purchased in the scrap book department at Joanne Fabrics.  There are 63 assorted farm animals with the cow being the largest.  Chickens in 3 sizes, cows, ducks, goats.  They are all really cute and could be used for shelves, toys on wheels etc.

The finished project.  Quick and easy from items you might have  already.  The queen sign is from a bag of beads filled with  inspirational words on them.  I am Queen of everything in my own Kingdom.  I like that.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015



SODA BOTTLE LABELS FROM  no longer a working blog
These can be made smaller for miniature bottles, just how you select print in your  picture program.  On this I would choose 35 to a page


Hand sew the pages together and make a cover from an old wallet or soft kid gloves.  Several pair of gloves have found their way to my hands via the free boxes at garage sales and flea markets.

Print out on card stock and punch out the eyes.  Attach sewing black sewing thread for elastic




I found a great site if you like architecture, beautiful interiors, food pictures, landscaping, and lots of inspiration  and just outstanding pictures.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


If ever there was a man so true it would have to be the man in the moon.  He has been around my whole life.  The labels are all taken from the Internet.  Some are ready to print out and some will have to be sized when ready to print.  For other printies go to my archives for last year and get more Halloween prints, as well as the easy procedure on how to get then to the size you want.  You should be able to right click on each picture and save it to JPEG picture file.  Another feature with Microsoft is the snip it tool.  I did not know I had it until just recently.  On your start up menu look for it or type at the bottom snip it tool.  It is very easy to use and has only a few simple directions.  It is pretty much self explanatory.  Pushing F1 while in any program will come up with a search bar to ask questions about the program you wish to know about.  Snip it has been very helpful to me to retain information, pictures, recipes, etc.  Just remember where you saved it all too.

A great idea for left over body parts from the plastic skeletons from the $1.00 stores.  Pictures are self explanatory.