Tuesday, September 8, 2015


All of these can be saved by right clicking and saving to JPEG file.  The size will be determined by how you print them from your picture file.  I usually go for the contact sheet that will print 35 items.

These 3 half ladies masks are 1/12" scale.  They will print just a little larger than shown.  Right click on each and save as a JPEG.  Then from your picture file click print-select the contact sheet that prints out 35 and unselect or uncheck the fit picture to frame box.  If you do not uncheck the box they will print larger.  Print on card stock cut out and attach thread or small elastic to hold onto head.  You could also attach to a small flat stick, they also held the masks to their faces.

This past week end was extra long due to Labor Day .  I spent the extra day making some new items for Halloween tutorials that will be shared in the near future.  It was very warm out so the air conditioning felt pretty good.  

On Saturday my daughter, a friend and myself went garage sale shopping and Tiquing.  What a fun day of bargains for us all!  We usually start the day out  stating what each of us is looking for and we all keep a look out.   I found 3 Shadow boxes for mini scenes, a rusty but unique tin Fleshman's Yeast box filled with vintage tiny mini items for 50 cents, and a whole bag of the tiny artist canvas's.  One sale had new craft patterns from the 1990's for 25 cents each.  A few of the patterns are for mini bears and doll house dolls with accessories and furniture.    A real find was a Buster Brown paper doll set.  These were given out when you purchased a pair of Buster Brown shoes. He had a bulldog as a mascot.

It was a lovely Fall  day followed by a barbecue with the guy's when they returned from a day of golf.  Any day that ends with a meal including cheesy potatoes and chocolate  is my kind of day!

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