Thursday, September 10, 2015


These are full size (not miniature)  that I made for Halloween decorating.  The pictures do not do them justice.  The hats are full of sparkles, The hats and paper mache heads are from Michael's.  The black bases are candle sticks from Dollar Tree.  I used a dowel pin to fit the candle sticks and then put a tiny undersized hole in the bottom of each head and forced the dowel into the hole.  No gluing necessary.  White paint on the paper mache heads   My lace stash provided the under the chin collar.  I added  additional ribbons and netting underneath the hat to balance out the size. The are about 12 inches high

To make 1/12" size skeleton head hat forms

To make 1/12" size you need 3 of these plastic skeletons from Dollar Tree.  I found some for 75 cents at Walgreens drug store.  Cut the heads at the base of the head.  Using a high speed Dremel tool, drill a hole to fit the size dowel pin  you are using at the base of the head.

This is the first hat stand that was made using a doll head.  Thats a dime on the table to tell what size it is.  The bases are wood buttons and the stands are miscellanousa wood finials I had left over from other projects.  You could use a dowel pin.

I painted each head white and then dry brush  black over them.  Concentrate on the eyes and teeth to give highlights there.  This one is done with angels wings and a white chiffon bow on the top of the hat.  Black paper was used to cut a pattern to fit the head..  The top seemed to long so I bent them over.

 This one has purple bows all around the brim, a black and white striped collar and purple bow underneath.  This is a good way to get rid of little bits and pieces you have saved.

This is and orange trim with a pre-pleated bow under the chin.  The orange, green and gold decoration is an earring that I lost the mate for.  Perfect Halloween colors.

These are 1/12"  skeleton heads for mini decorating, inspired by the large ones at the beginning of the blog.    I think these will be the start of a shop of clothes and accessories for classy witches.

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  1. Both versions are very cute! Thanks for sharing the know how.
    Hugs, Drora