Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tutorial for Shabby Chic shutter shelf in 1/12" miniature scale

This is a mini tutorial for a shutter shelf that can be made in an evening.  I made 9 of these as table gifts for the Name Convention in Indiana this summer.  A magnet could be placed on the back for the refrigerator but mine is going into a a Shabby Chic house that is in progress.  

 Supplies needed:  4-1/2" wood Housework's shutter, small blackboard  2-1/4" x 1-1/2", scrap material in red check for dish towel, 3 tooth picks with routed decorative ends, a flower pot and scrap flowers, rolling pin, misc. copper utensils, decorative plate, small basket, milk bottle, a wood chicken and cow, a tiny jar of beads,wood bowl filled with grapes, a cook book with a cover taken from the Internet.  The oven mitts are from material I found with the aprons on it.  I put Modge Podge on the back of the apron to stiffen and added bunka and ribbon trim with buttons.  The mitts I glued onto a thin piece of foam and then cut out and attached with thread.  The grapevine wreath is brown cloth covered wire twisted to look like a wreath.  Scrap wood  2-1/2" long  two pieces needed for the top and bottom shelf
 Cut the shutter in half and glue side by side making sure the slats are both going the same direction.  I made an error putting the slats down.  You put yours up so the utensils have a slot to go into.  Sand top and bottom after glue dries to level off  to be same size on each size.

  Glue a piece of wood to the top for a shelf and one on the bottom for a shelf.  The thickness is up to you.  I used scrap pieces in my stash.  The bottom shelf will have to be a little thicker because of the pegs you have to drill holes for.  Using the tooth picks with the routed decorative ends cut to desired size, drill holes and glue into them as shown.  Glue blackboard on the bottom.  Let dry

  To add extra support I glued a piece of scrapbook paper with chicken wire on it to the back side cut to size.

Apply two coats of white paint.  When dry use a piece of fine sandpaper or an emery board and sand off to desired state of shabbiness.  If you get white paint on the black board section use black paint to touch it up.

 Now you are ready to decorate.  You can use any kind of ornamentation  from your stash but this is how I put mine together.  The tiny cow and chicken are wood veneer die cut wood pieces from Studio Calico purchased in the scrap book department at Joanne Fabrics.  There are 63 assorted farm animals with the cow being the largest.  Chickens in 3 sizes, cows, ducks, goats.  They are all really cute and could be used for shelves, toys on wheels etc.

The finished project.  Quick and easy from items you might have  already.  The queen sign is from a bag of beads filled with  inspirational words on them.  I am Queen of everything in my own Kingdom.  I like that.


  1. I love the idea of cutting the shutter in half to form the backdrop for this shelf. It is amazing just how many objects went into completing it but it looks GREAT! Love the idea of cutting the oven mitts from a piece of ready printed cloth- Clever! The final assembly is very homey and full of charm, Well done! :D


  2. Es una idea preciosa con un resultado muy bonito!!! Muchas gracias por el tutorial!!!