Thursday, July 13, 2017

Final Traveling Medicine Show-Finished

The finished Traveling Medicine Show

Close up of potions and  cures
The Medicine show is finished.  I rummaged through my junk jewelry and bead box and found every thing I needed to make the potion bottles in the  crates and trunks.  I found a wicker trunk in rummage sale finds and decided this would work.  All the labels are from Alpha Stamps as well as the die cut wagon, called a bathing machine in their catalog. 

Shannon Cooper created this idea for Alpha Stamps and her blog has all the items listed that you will need to purchase for the finished project.  The link to her blog is  or you can go onto Alpha Stamps search for bathing machine and her article with items needed will be available to you.  Very creative talent.  She calls her creation Snake Oil Caravan.

Here are a few UTube channels that I have enjoyed this month.
Go to search in UTube and put in the name.
The Square to Spare-a lot of furniture made  without a lot of power tools.  Very professionally done videos. She has a lot of listings and very talented, easy to understand instructions and gives measurements to all items.   

 Sugar Charm Shoppe-very professionally done videos.  She has more than  one channel, subscribe and they will all come in.
She mainly does wonderful Fimo creations, food, dogs sculpture, people, Gourmet food, and has started to build furniture as well. Very talented 

It has rained here everyday this week so I have had a lot of time to work on miniatures.  I have started to paper the kick board of two sets of  steps of my shabby chic dollhouse, but that's another day's posting.  I do love the look of roses and stripes on the steps.

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  1. A Beautifully done Traveling Medicine Wagon Karen! Your creativity with the various potion bottle makes a wonderfully colorful and interesting display! :))