Saturday, July 15, 2017

New Beginings-Restoring Shabby Chic Doll House

Here it is the intended victim of Restoration

Inside glue galore and notice the trim board at the top

After 3 hours I removed the glue

The restoration of the Victorian has begun.  Look back on my blog to June 23, 2012 in Archives to It's a Miracle, Dollhouse takes me out of traffic jam to read about how this dollhouse came into my life.  This is how long it has been in my garage.

In the picture it doesn't look too bad.  However up close it is another story.  Someone started using hot glue and then switched to wood glue.  The yellow wood glue is dripping all over the siding and in every corner.  I saved you the horror of the carpeting and flooring used inside. It was real size carpet tiles and vinyl floor tiles stuck down with adhesive.  It took 3 coats of furniture stripper to  remove and about 3 hours of time.  

Who ever put the house together must have not read the instructions because the trim boards are all different sizes.  All this will have to be removed, the windows have fairy stickers on them, and the banisters will have to be removed because of the vinyl floor tile on the porches.
The window boxes are solid wood, no flowers can go into that, so I will use them as patterns for size and make new ones.  The shutters are wood with lines drawn on for the shutters.  I will take them off and get shutters for them.

In all it's pretty overwhelming.  I will fix it room by room and side by side.  A lot of sanding and Dremel work to get all that glue off.  It will be a challenge but I feel up to that.

I liken this Dollhouse project to my own life.   When I was young,  I was in love with an old house.  This was built by my Grandfather, my Father was born there and my Children were raised there.  It was filled with old outcast furniture and I fixed and painted it to Shabby Chic before it was even thought of.  Now as I look back it would have been cheaper to buy a new one and go on with life.  So it will be with  this Dollhouse.  It would be cheaper and faster to go with new.  But as with  my house, this one has been loved.  Hopefully it won't take as many years for the Mini house as it did the large one.  

Everyone wants to know the story behind a house.  So, here is the fictitious one I will give this house.   A free  spirited, independent thinking woman finds an old Victorian house built in 1865 and falls in love with it.  She decides it would be fun to fix up and call it home.  It is purchased at a bargain price and every room is filled with old furniture that she already has imagined how it will look fixed up.  She calls it Daisy Hill after her Grandmother Daisy.
It is home, It is loved.

Here are a couple web sites that I have enjoyed this week: -Free projects, 1/4" scale furniture kits, Laser cutting, wood aging solution, and a 1/12" wicker chair tutorial

This one the connection does not work with a link, if you google a miniature site will come up.  There is another home site not miniature called The Spruce.    The mini site has all kinds of color co-ordinated wall paper. really like this site.  She has all kinds of potion labels and other printies, printable quilts and rugs.  Trash to treasure ideas that are really great.

Well it looks like rain.  Yeah another day to play with miniatures.  I am working on a tutorial that involves match boxes. Shabby Chic dresser to match the step risers..  More on that in  a near future post.  Have a great day!

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