Monday, July 24, 2017

Shabby Chic remake from Pill cases

This is a Shabby Chic shelf made from a pill container sold at the Dollar Tree.  The total dimensions are  3-1/2" wide and 3-1/4" high.

This is the pill case.  It has seven separate boxes with 3 sections each, snap top
and the container that holds them could be used for beads, buttons and other assorted items.  I looked all over one day for something to make windows for my Daisy Hill Refurbish.
Nothing came near to what I wanted until I opened this box up.  Nice, flexible but firm plastic and I can get 2 windows from each box.  I came up with about 25 really neat items that can be made from the pill boxes, so stay tuned...

To make the shelf glue 2 units together on inside and clamp until dry.  The picture above is actually the back side.  Fit and glue a thin piece of cardboard on the back of the 3 little lids  still attached to the box now called picture frames.  Lay flat upside down until dry.  Weight the cardboard down.  This now becomes the picture frames on the other side.  Before painted cut off with   Exacto knife any tiny plastic lips on the frame portion and inside box that helped snap the lid shut.

I used a white spray paint primer just for plastic for the first coat.  When dry I painted with mint green Apple Barrel Acrylic paint, let dry, and then painted with a coat of crackle. When completely dry, I used white acrylic paint for the final coat.  If you are not familiar with crackle you only have one chance to paint it.  You can not go back over because is is starting to crackle already. So use a brush that is big enough and use enough paint the first time.  

I made bun feet from a dowel with different ridges in it, beads could also be great feet.

The picture frames are created from the still attached  lids.  Each lid has a tiny ridge around that helped to keep the lid tight in the box.  Use a marking pen, I used brown, and go around the little ridge creating a frame.  Go into  with the brown  inside the frame as well in case your picture is a little short.  Next I used a Krylon silver leaf marking pen and went over just the top of the ridge of brown,  creating a dimension on the  picture frame.  Cut out pictures of instant relatives from one of the sites below and glue into the frames.

Steam punk clock hands, found in the Michael's jewel finds were used for the areas next to the frames to cover up the hinge area.  The small hands are in the middle and the top and bottom are
as are  long ones with pieces cut off.  The 3 tiny beads in the center are jewel finds from Michaels.  Seal with clear acrylic varnish or Modge Podge matt. 

I could not get a picture to show the crinkle look  to come out.  It is very finely mint green crinkle and white was the top coat I used.  This was a fun project and will hold lots of books and other bric- brac.

Here are a few useful sites that I enjoy.  Click on the Web site and they should come right up.
I am not endorsed by any site that I post here.  I am only recommending each site because I have used and researched and find them beneficial and hope you will too.

Small stuff has all of Jim Collin's printables, formally Jim's printables.  The site to go to is  This is where I got the majority of pictures on mine.  This site is just amazing with the items you can print.  Amazing site, divided up by era, toys, food, wallpaper.

I hope you enjoy this mini tutorial and look forward to the other pill case re dos as much as I do making them.


  1. Very Clever! I LOVE these types of "trash" to treasure tutorials :D


  2. Great minds think alike!! I just bought these in two different sizes. One clear and the other colors. I am going to try painting them.