Monday, July 31, 2017

Trash to Treasure -Decons Bench using Pill cases from Dollar Tree

Deacons bench using 1 set of 3 pill cases from Dollar Tree for extra storage
This is the finished Deacons bench.  Flat wood furniture kits were popular in the 1970's.  I had a bunch of it but when children were concerned it turned out to be not play time fun.  The wood had a tendency to splinter and after a few episodes it was put away.  To finish this off to be safe a coat of gesso needs to be applied.  This was slot construction, so the slots show and stick out. The receding wood slots were cut off.   The gesso fills in all the rough wood.  In certain sections two coats were applied.  Next it needs lightly sanded.  It was  painted with mint green paint, and when dry applied a coat of crackle medium.  A coat of white acrylic paint was applied after that.  The crinkles do not show in the picture but they are there.  Lightly sand any stubble that kicked up as a result of paint and crackle. 

The three sections of the pill case have the lid and one side taken off.  These are left overs from another project that will be  posted soon.  The lids will become picture frames.  The 3 sections were super clued and clamped together with the open sides all facing the same way.  After dry I glued the 3 part section onto thin cardboard on the top and bottom and trimmed to fit.  This gives the plastic section extra support.  The glued assembly was superglued  onto the bottom of the deacons bench.  It fit in just perfectly.  One coat of matte Modge Podge was applied to the painted surfaces.

A paper pattern was cut for the bottom bench and a foamy craft sheet was used for the interior. These are the ones at the Dollar Tree in the craft department  that have a door knob  hole cut out of it and are thicker.  They can be hung on the door after decorating. Material was cut  out allowing 1/4" allowance and hand sewed inside out two sides and one front.  Bending the foam in half  it was  inserted into the completed pillowcase.  After fussing it to fit the raw edges on the last side were turned under and glued shut. The process was  repeated on the curved top for the back side.  After finishing, a pattern  was decided on for the tufts and using a needle and thread I went back and forth over the dot and pulled tightly  creating a tiny tuft on the chair.  Tiny white buttons were found from my doll clothes stash and were glued over the tuft.   The pillows are from a Name day table gift exchange.

Side view with jewel find and  a knotted hemp handle

The before of my next project.  This was in a bag of NAME Convention garage sale items. The basic items needed are there.    My biggest challenge these days are remembering where I put my glasses.  I take them off to see close now, and can't see to find them an arms length away. Most of the time they are on top of my head.  

The before of my next redo.  This is from a Scientific kit from the 1970's.  Victorian bedroom suite.  I thought it looked so cool when done.  Problem is, it looks the same today as it did then.  Not so cool looking anymore.

My material stash for Shabby Remake furniture, beds, and Daisy Hill Doll House.  All mini prints.  See below for source.  All mini prints and available on line.

Here is the little gem that is a flat wood furniture kit from the 1970's.  Notice the Harvest gold color. Three units from the pill cases were used  for the storage underneath.

Pill cases bought at Dollar Tree  7 cases with 3 compartments in each.

Here is the source for the mini prints in the picture above and will be used throughout my redo and remakes.  Judie Rothermel is the owner of our local quilt store where I purchased these. She has  authored many quilt books, more recent Civil War Quilts, and designed the material used in them.  She is the lady responsible for recreating and designing the material collections of the 1930's that are in the stores now.  Her website has a lot of mini prints.  Click here for her website  This web site has a typewriter tutorial made from cardboard that is just too cute.  A lot of other tutorials as well.  I enjoyed her work as well as the blog name.  Check it out.  A lot of food, inspiration for sale from this web site.  Very creative  Very talented miniaturist.  A translate button should pop up when the site loads.  Lots of food miniatures.  Teresa Martinez  She does the Chicago show.  Its a Miniature Life-Kim Saulter.  Kim is the creator of 
Mini-ologie magazine, from a few years ago.  I loved that magazine.  She has had life chances and this blog is not current, but the posts from 2015 and before are beautiful.  The pictures posted are some from the magazines.  She had been published in many magazines are most are food, Shabby Chic.

I hope you enjoyed mini tutorial.  Now comes my biggest challenge of all that bed.  Have a great Sunshine day and may all your troubles be tiny ones!

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