Friday, July 28, 2017

Trash to Treasure-Shabby Chic book case using pill cases for extra shelves

Here is the finished remake of the book case using  two-3 compartment pill cases with the lids cut off.

Other side of door and book case.

Side and close up of the door with chicken wire glued in.

The original dresser before refurbishing.  Don't judge a book case by it's cover.

Dresser with the door open.  I sanded this down a little grungier on spots that would wear a bit more.

The back with extra pill box shelves and scrap book paper cover.

Well this dresser certainly looks a lot different than the original version.  I incorporated 2 sets of the pill boxes  attached underneath between the legs.  Fit perfectly.  I did this one front and back for extra storage.  It was painted mint green first, then a coat of crackle, White acrylic paint was applied and allowed to dry.  

After dry it seemed still rather plain so I inserted my mismatch wallpaper into the backside of each shelf and pill box containers.  Then I decided to do each side and the back.  The little flower rose and leaves on the top center is a jewel find that I painted and glued on.  I used matte Modge Podge on paper and paint to seal.

The door on the shelf is wall repair tape that when painted with my silver Krylon pen looks like chicken wire.    Door knob is another jewel find.

Here are some Web sites I have found this week;  Click on the address and it will take you to a new page  This is a great site. for miscellaneous must haves.  I get the catalog in the mail.  Lots of decorations for the seasons, and they have miniatures.  Click on this site, then toys in the top header, and miniatures will come up.  They have about 20 sets of co-ordinating furniture sets for every decor.  They appear to be in 1/12" scale, molded of resin and painted.  A lot could be done with these.  I especially like the Halloween Pet Cemetery.  A little ghoulish with the pet skeletons, but hey that's what Halloween is all about.  I could see a skeleton walking his skeleton dog!  Check this site out.  They have a variety of really  neat things.  Everything about American Girl Size dolls.  There are great  printies on this site that can be  converted into 1/12" by printing and converting to the contact sheet in windows picture gallery.  The can labels come out just right.  They have signs for Diners and Ice Cream shops.  Great blog.  This is a site for Hitty dolls, but the very nice and plenteous free mini printies can be shrunk down as well by saving and going into your windows picture program, clicking print and choosing what size you want.  Scan down to contact sheet and you will get 35 on that one all on the same page.

This is the drywall mesh that looks like chicken wire when the Krylon silver leafing pen is used.  This tape is a little sticky on the one side but the pen covers and seals it up.  Harbor freight or Dollar Tree.  Not expensive at all and I anticipate using them for crates, animal cages, like chicken and rabbit cages.  This is what was used on the door on the book case, and I will be using this for more Shabby Chic Projects.

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  1. A fantastic makeover! Beautiful results!