Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trash to Treasure Shabby Chic chest of drawers from match boxes

Shabby Chic dresser from 10 match boxes in 1/12" scale

Back of dresser

Right side of dresser

Left side of dresser

Most of the paper used came from Kirby Teesdale Studio  Designs
 in Mini Prints book found at Hobby Lobby. Mini and in pinks and greens and lots of roses.

You will need 10 mini match boxes found at Dollar Tree for $1.00.  Remove matches and keep in a safe place for mini lumber or maybe a log cabin in the toy category.

This is from scrap book days, I used dark green pigment around the front of boxes

where the drawers go in and around the drawers all sides.  Notice the cloth under the box of pigment.  This is another find at the Dollar Tree.  A super soft Microfiber cloth found in the car articles  16"x 24".  What caught my attention is the pile is short on one side and longer on the other and super soft.  I am seeing mini pillows, teddy bears or maybe a bedspread for a tiny bed.  A good deal for $1.00.  Our store only had off white, but may come in other colors in your area.

I lined the inside and the front of the box, now called a drawer.  The pigment is applied around the drawer fronts and inside all around the matchbox where the drawer inserts inside.
Put drawers inside the matchboxes to provide stability and glue 5 boxes one on top of the other.  Repeat gluing  with 5 boxes on top of the other.  Make sure they are straight front and back and put a rubber band around each set and weight down from the top and let dry.

When dry remove the rubber bands and put each set side by side and glue together, rubber band and set on side and weight down with something and let dry.  The manila cards 

setting under the assembly are coasters for drinks bought at a dollar store.  I use them as lumber, they are very hard but easy cut with a sharp blade.  The paint covers very well because they are absorb able.

Using the above described card stock I cut sides and back to fit the now glued match box assemblies.  When doing the back take the drawers out so the glue does not shut them in. These drawers will open up and you can store things in them.  Cover with paper before gluing onto the assembly and only one side  of each needs covered.  The base is 1/4" foam core covered top and bottom with paper.  You do not need this but I found the fancy legs in the jewelry section and wanted to use them  The top was cut with a little overhang on the ends, right and left side only.

For the pulls on the drawers.  You can use beads, dangles, teardrops.  I found these in the bead spacer area, they look like mini purses.  What ever you find you will need to attach to small wire and position as high as needed so it does not interfere with the drawer underneath.
Cut a piece of paper for a pattern and find the area where you need to place the hole on the drawer and mark it on the paper.  This way all the spots on all the drawers will be the same.
I used a thumb tack to drill the hole.  Attach a long piece about 1"  wire thru the bead or the tiny hanger on the bead find  and  take the bead to the center of the wire.  Twist the 2 sides of the wire all the way  to the top of the bead.  Wire through the hole and use a sequin and a dot of glue run up through the wire on the inside and attach to the drawer.  This makes the wire secure inside.  Now cut the wire a bit and use tweezers twist into a circle and them use needle nose pliers to flatten out inside to the front of the drawer.
I enjoyed this project so much that I did the stair case risers for my Daisy Hill Shabby Chic
dollhouse.  Most of the papers are scrapbook leftovers from other projects.

The inspiration for the chest project came from Laura  Carson of Artful Musing, a creator for Alpha Stamps.  You tube has the very detailed and lengthy  tutorial for a chest like this 
and many other items made with books that any miniaturist could use.  A lot of finish techniques that would be nice to know.  She is a very talented lady and I enjoyed watching all her tutorials.  You Tube and search for Laura  Carson.

Another site on the Internet in case you have never heard of Katherine Browning Miniature Museum in Maysville, Kentucky.  Search it on You Tube they have a wonderful video of the Collection including Princess Dianna's Childhood home Spencer house.  

If you like wonderfully made furniture and patterns
They make and sell, and have tutorials on this site.  Farmhouse cottage tutorials and a lot of pretty pictures for inspiration.

If you like Fairy Garden Houses this next one will blow you away.  Search on You Tube for Creative Mom  This woman is a set designer and makes things out of nothing.  She is fantastic!  See her many tutorials on how to make fairy houses from jars, 2 liter bottles,  foil and a glue gun.  She lights them as well.

Very professionally done videos and the end results are unbelievable.  I enjoyed watching and learning from all her videos. As  you scan wait for the one that says clay from toilet paper.
This is what she makes and  uses in all her projects. It  is a air dry clay just like paper clay, and a whole lot cheaper and does not get the lines in the surface when it drys.  


  1. Wow! I love it! Great recycling with fantastic results!
    Hugs, Drora

  2. You will enjoy upcoming tutorials using pill cases from Dollar Tree. I came up with so many uses for these its amazing. I get excited about making something from nothing.Its a challenge.

  3. Your staircase risers are looking Fabulous! I do believe that this house has fallen into the right hands! Looking forward to more of its future developments.