Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Trash to 'Treasure Shabby Chic Dresser

This is the finished project of Trash to Treasure.  A Shabby Chic dresser to go with the theme in the Daisy Hill Dollhouse Refurbish.

The before picture of the dresser.  Well made, Miniature of the month kit from the 70-80's.  Top drawer was  missing but found a drawer that needed altered to fit.  Lots of glue on the brass hinges and handles on the drawer fronts.  This was purchased cheap at the NAME Convention garage sale a few years back.

Close up of the drawer pulls on the dresser of tiny bows from Dollar Tree.  They are nail art charms.  I sanded the dresser well.  Painted all mint green, after letting dry I coated with a crackle medium.  The next day I used white acrylic paint and a large brush and working in sections painted all over the outside.  I left the inside just green and painted the inside and outside of the drawers but did not put crackle on it.  The green around the drawer gives a little dimension.  Wall paper cut for fronts of drawers and glued on with just a little edge of green showing.  I fell in love with these nail charms as handles.  They have a diamond in the center and my first thought was to take them out, use a bead with a hoop of wire for a handle.
Changed my mind after super gluing on the fronts.  Super cute and just the right size.  The drawers do open up and the super glue has held these on with all the opening.  Gorilla brand has a gel super glue and it seems to like plastic real well.  I have glued my fingers together several times as well as taking the end of my brow line off with glue on my finger. It is like an instant bond.

Dollar Tree nail charms  5-assorted sets of 2 each.
The black and white ones are really cute but don't match with the theme in this house. They have the bottles with sequins in them again this season, 6 bottles, emery board that works for very little spots and glue, it could be used on minis as well.  The bottles are a little bit smaller this year from last year. Yeah!  Keep them coming.  Halloween is just around the corner.

My next project  gutted and sanded ready to go.  I will incorporate some of the pill boxes in this from Dollar Tree.  This is what the furniture looked like from Dollar Tree more than a few years ago.  Raided my stash.  It had lots of varnish, crooked doors and shelf, drawers are missing.  It's going to be beautiful when its done regardless of what it appears now.

Bentley House productions on You Tube has come out with a new tutorial for handles on the furniture she makes.  It is very detailed and interesting.  She uses earrings.  I have been finding tiny earrings marked Avon for little girls all on the same card for a couple years now and because they want next to nothing for them have accumulated quite a few.  My first thought was ornaments for a Christmas tree.  After seeing this Video, I now think they would be cute on nursery furniture.  There are ducks bears, Bunny's, lions and more.

There are many sites on the web that have wallpaper that can be printed out.  If you use this for your room boxes or dollhouse make sure you print them out on a light card stock instead of paper and always use a clear fixative over the top to seal the ink.  Using small pieces on the drawers like I did will work out fine, but using the glue needed to wallpaper will make some of it run.  Also using card stock will do away with the wrinkles and creases sometime following a wallpaper episode.  I started using regular vinyl adhesive for wall paper border on all the tiny jobs and its better than any glue I have found.  It is found where ever they sell wallpaper and comes in a tube or a small tub.


  1. Te ha quedado precioso,que alegre,me gusta mucho!!

  2. Thank you Pilar, your feedback means more to me than you know.