Sunday, July 9, 2017

Traveling Medicine Show Cart

Traveling Medicine Show Cart

Traveling Medicine Cart-opposite side

Back side of cart

Front of Medicine Cart with add on porch

Details of copper roof

Sophisticated Finishes found at a Craft Shop to produce aging on copper

Back window found in Fairy Garden area of Joanne Fabrics
This is my latest project that I have finished to go with my Peddler's carts.  NAME as a yearly project a couple of years ago in October came up with Peddler's carts for fruits and vegetable's.  After doing 4 of them, I decided it needed a Traveling Medicine show.   This project still has a lot of details to finish on it.  But I wanted to show the basic finish on it. 
ALPHA STAMPS-click on this and it will take you to their website.  The laser cut Bathing Machine was purchased from them as well as the papers used to finish it.  

This site is amazing.  Originally a scrapbook site but now has miniatures of all kinds.  A monthly kit will give you ideas, and a blogger has done the project and all items used in that project are listed.  A very easy site to navigate and with each order free items are shown that you will receive. 

This is the place to go if you like Halloween.  The pressed heavy laser cut cardboard items are very inexpensive, easy to assemble and paint which after doing they look like wood.  They have a lot of Goth and mad scientist items, steam punk and mermaid.

Their offerings are listed under categories making it very easy to find what you are looking for.   What are you looking for?
Bottles, furniture casters, chair legs, bottles, boxes, unusual items, book shelves, bead findings?

This package I picked was called a bathing machine.  It is a tad smaller than 1/12", maybe 1/24"  Go under kits category,  a blogger did this bathing machine and listed everything she used, all available from Alpha Stamps.  It looks very good with the 1/12" because it does not overwhelm  and fits right in.  Now comes the part I love to make the boxes, bottles of potions, steamer trunks of quack medicine items  and do the detail work.  

The papers are amazing with detail.  All the signs, labels, and paper on the wagon are on a harder stock paper.  All the names are listed on the web.  These are copyrighted papers and are not to be copied and sold by the purchaser.   The only alterations that were done were the back window frame was purchased at Joanne Fabrics in the Fairy Garden area.  I choose to fill in 2 windows on the sides so the paper murals would not be cut into.  I also added the porch on the front to display more medicine bottles.  The roof was covered by thin copper sheets that I grooved and used the Sophisticated finish liquid on shown above.  I do not know is this is still available, it is quite old as well as the thin copper sheets by Walnut Hollow purchased at a craft shop. I tried dipping the copper in Vinegar and nothing happened.   The trim around the front door was scrap book paper from long ago, but the design fit right in.  

If I did this again here is what would be changed.  The inside would have been papered or painted before assembly.  Not thinking about this with the excitement of putting it together.
The copper roof pieces would have been aged with the Acid solution laying FLAT on a work surface instead of after attaching to the roof.  I put the solution on flat surfaces AFTER the fact and it really looked good with a solid patina of green. Paint could be used to create a patina if the copper sheets can not be found.  They  were used for embossing designs and it came in tin, copper, brass and silver colors.

This was a fun project and I have purchased two times from them since discovering their website.  I highly recommend this site.    The shipping takes about 10 days but the shipping policy is clearly stated on the site. My next blogging will list the items I recently purchased from the web site.

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