Sunday, July 9, 2017

Unpacking Alpha Stamps purchase-like Christmas!

Here is the items I purchased from Alpha stamps last month.  Door knocker that looks like lion head, trunk locks, brads that look like eyeglasses, hands that are pointing and standing up, could use for signs or jewelry displays, a punch that looks like plant leaves, a mini typewriter, rectangle beads in amber and clear for bottle of potions, chair legs, an old Chrysonbon pump organ, the bathing machine, it was assembled and painted by me before deciding to blog about it, the tires are part of the kit.  The free items were 4 skeleton heads in different sizes and the wooden bowl.

These are the tiniest  brass caster wheels for furniture.  The wheel turns.  Not a good picture, they are so tiny.

A picture of some of the papers purchased and the detail of each one.  The one on the right is all book covers that will be used for a mini library retreat to be done in the near future.

As you see from the pictures above the items are all found on one site on the web

They are getting new things in all the time and can be easily checked under the listing new items.

I babysat the fur  babies one week and had the time to check out everything on this web site.  1,000's of items but easy to locate because they have them categorized by items.  My next post has the Bathing Machine turned into A traveling Medicine show wagon .

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  1. Hi Karen, I too, LOVE Alpha Stamps and your new goodies are indeed like having Christmas in July! :))
    I am looking forward to seeing the wagon conversion and I'm also interested in your future library retreat too.
    Enjoy your new treasures :D