Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Miniature Thrift Store finds-

Miniature chair found in thrift store bin marked Raine 1999.  One leg was broke off and missing.  I tore the bin apart and found it. Used super glue on it and is good as new.  This is resin but has very detailed texture.

While rooting for the broken leg, found another resin chair marked Raine 1999.  This one looks and feels and looks like real  leather but it is resin.  About 1999 I remember a whole series of these collectible chairs but they were quite expensive.

This glass cabinet is 1 inch wide, 3 inches high and long.  I love the stuff in it but it needs cleaned out.  I think it would make a perfect floor aquarium for the Daisy Hill Remake.

As luck would have it the Dollar Tree had this solar set today.  Notice the transparent sheet in the back.  It will be perfect for inside the Aquarium.  I will paint the divers helmet and maybe enhance the plants with real plant material.

This Resin is not marked, but with a coat of white paint it will be perfect for the front porch of the Daisy Hill Remake
With the  spoon portion cut off the handle will become a ladder for inside the Daisy Hill.

Today was a thrift shopping expedition to my favorite store.  Goodwill has started to open Goodwill outlets in close proximity to the other Goodwill's.  What the outlet sells is everything they don't sell in the stores in the shelf life time.  It goes to the outlet instead of throwing away and given another chance to live.  $1.79 a pound for all goods up to 29 pounds.  After 30 it is $1.49 a pound.  The above items cost $2.38 for all.  They put all items in long bin like tables and you can just root to your hearts content.  The materials, clothes, curtains and quilts are by the pound as well.  I have picked up some woven coverlets and handmade quilts for about $5.00. This is the ideal place to go for silks, laces and jean materials for doll cloths.   The stock changes frequently during the day.  Hardback books are .50 cents and paperback .25 cents.  I have picked up some very old books for projects and the rustic paper print inside is always handy to have on hand.  

A lot of play sets, doll furniture, miscellaneous miniatures and ornaments can be found.  I found a lot of steps and doors  from play sets for Fairy Houses.  It is a fantastic wonderland, you never know what will be there on any given day.  Treasure is in the eyes of the beholder.

The two chairs really are ready to use as they are.  The wicker will get a coat of white paint to spruce them up.  The spoon after reading the tag made me laugh out loud  and another customer  wanted to share in it.  After letting him read the tag, he said "Why didn't I pick that one up".  Too late I said, its a ladder now for a dollhouse.  Look at the picture of the spoon and here's what the tag says:

Gas less Bean Spoon
"Place spoon in pot while cooking beans.  Do not remove spoon.  Spoon will take gas out of the beans.  The little farts will climb the ladder to jump over the side."  Some one has just too much time on there hands.  The price at one time on that was $3.84.  Looks like a handmade spoon.  I just like the ladder portion.
I might hang linens or lace on it for the Daisy Hill.  The wood is pretty soft and I may try to carve something out  of the spoon part.

I have been doing some layouts on tutorials this morning and type this with pink paint on my fingers and hands.  I am finally getting my pink childhood kitchen set.  It won't be tin but it will be the next best thing.  It fits the theme of the Daisy Hill Shabby Redo, and would be perfect for the kitchen.    I am trying a technique with embossing power, pink of course.  If it works you will see it soon too.

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  1. What Fun!!!! I LOVE going to the thrift stores and finding things to use for miniatures but this free-style concept is even better- so Congratulations Karen on ALL of your new? finds :D