Monday, August 14, 2017

Trash to Treasure-1950's pink Kitchen set redo

Trash to Treasure  Kitchen Set.  A remake of my much loved tin set from the 1950's.
Look in the archives for the blog on the pink kitchen set from Sears, that got thrown away when we moved.  I have never found another one like it.  1/12" scale.

Here is the trash  portion of the set.  What was someone thinking?  I got this at a NAME Convention garage sale. The top of the refrigerator was sanded  because it needs to be rounded.  I need to look on the Internet for Frigidaire emblem from that time for the fridge.
After painting, lots of painting, still needed something so out came the wallpaper again.  The handles are aluminum flat wire that I found in the garden area and the door hooks are drop earrings with a loop.  The aluminum on the back sides is a heavy corrugated metal with a wire strip going through it.  I found it in the party aisle at the Dollar Tree.  There are 4 headbands that say Princess in the children's area.  I already have found several uses for this metal and will be using it on the remake of the fish tanks.

The refrigerator with an ink pen handle.

The items that were used for this project.  Modge- podge in Matte finish was used on all surfaces, wood paint and paper.  It gives a finished look and protects the surface.  The color of paint used was Folk Art Enamel  #4003 Baby pink. 

Painting was definitely the first step. Then after the fact,  I saw on You Tube someones technique of using Embossing powder on appliances and it made them look like the real thing. So I found in the scrapbook Aisle Whispers Opaque Embossing Powder #28863.  Of course you need an embossing heater gun to do that.  The ink it up pad is a clear ink applied to the paper or wood to allow the Embossing Powder to adhere as you are heating it all up.

I am not one to admit a fail, and this one failed miserably.  I just mention it so you don't have to spend the rest of the week scraping and painting.  It did give a wonderful texture just like my current refrigerator, but then it started to bubble.
I found it was not the embossing power bubbling but the enamel paint underneath..  So it should have not have been  painted it first.  A lot of sanding and scraping followed and about 5 coats of enamel paint. 

This technique will be tried again on a glazed bathtub to see if it works on it.  The heat gun needs to be about 10 inches above the work.  When it starts to melt it really spreads fast.   I still think this would have worked had there not been paint on the surface.

Another item I tried but it is not shown here.   You Tube Tim Holtz(scrapbook items)  He had demonstrations on Alcohol Inks, impressed me and got the Mixative silver available at Michaels and Joanne Fabrics.  It comes in all colors.  This is the best one coat silver I have ever used.  It coats better than my Krylon ink pen.  Usually gold and silver leave streaks on other paints.  It comes in a .5ml by the drop container and a little goes a long way.   I look forward to getting other colors and trying them out.  His entire line is so creative and includes many miniatures, dolls, deer heads, keys, locks, mini casters, corner supports, that can be used in miniature settings.

As a whole this job was very rewarding despite the frustration.  Sometimes things don't go smooth but we learn from them and hopefully don't make that mistake again, unless you're me.  I would have to try it again to find out what went wrong and come up with a solution to make it right.
That pink tin Kitchen set from the 1950's has been erased  off my Bucket list.  This one will fill that void and be cheaper on my pocket book for sure.

Next time a trash to treasure from a plastic screen  made into a 3 panel dressing screen with roses and lace and paper cupcake trim.  


  1. that transformation is incredible!!!!!!!

  2. I think that you have made what was a blah kitchen set look Simply Sensational! Love the corrugated metal on the sink and stove and the handle on the fridge- All VERY RETRO!:D