Thursday, August 24, 2017

Trash to Treasure Brass bed-Shabby Chic

Finished Trash to Treasure Bed Shabby Chic Antique lace bedspread from an antique dress
Notice the tassel's all around the bedspread on on the pillows.  This is antique and have never saw it again anywhere.  The pillow in front is a medallion from the antique lace dress on the bedspread.
Close up of antique lace dress bedspread.  My aunt dealt in antiques and this was in the throw away boxes at the auction.  She would always pull them out and wash them up for me for she knew I loved to dress and restore old dolls.  I can only imagine what this dress looked like in its day.    Once she brought home a wedding dress with all cutwork down the front and on the sleeves.  I made a christening gown out of it.
I wish it were real sized.  I would crawl right in.

Brass and black rail bed.  It looks good here but had rust all over it.  It must have been in moisture.  Got at the NAME Convention garage sale a few years back.

No mattress came with it.  I made one from foam over the knob door signs found in the craft area at Dollar tree. Almost a full fit but had to cut another one to finish off the full bed size. It was taped together and then glued material on for the mattress top and bottom, with wrapped sides turned under..

All the miniature prints are from Schoolhouse quilts, see below,  lace bedspread and antique lace trim and tatting were used on the trim.

Here are a few  web sites I viewed and enjoyed very much this week and hope you will too:  This is a beautiful site for food.  They have a store on web that food  can be purchased from.  Another craftsman for food.  Online store and also on You Tube  This is a not to be missed site.  There are all kinds of tutorials, and printies on this site.  My favorite are shoes and shoe boxes.  There are hatboxes, holidays, stationary sets, wallpaper and flooring.  She has been published in American Miniaturist Magazine.

The miniature prints on the bed are from a local quilt shop for me but she has an online shop as well.  This is a beautiful web site.  Look for the translate button and it will translate into whatever language you need.  Very talented Fimo Artist.  The Desserts are good enough to eat.

Another You Tuber with great talent is  Akameru Kawaii,  doll house miniatures, repaints dolls.
Fimo artist.  Type in name in the search on You Tube and lots of vlogs turn up. Excellent talent.  Another great Fimo Good artist and beautiful pictures without the translation.  However a translate button will come up for this.  Brazilian artist.

I hope you have enjoyed my Trash to Treasure features as much as I have in making them.  It costs nothing to Subscribe and in doing so lets me know you are interested in more  tutorials and Trash to Treasure remakes.  Let me know what you think or would like to see via  the comment section at the end of each blog.  I am always up to a new challenge.


  1. I absolutely adore how you put your colours together and the antique lace adds an amazing depth. This makeover is fabulous. Love it.

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