Thursday, August 31, 2017

Trash to Treasure Childs reading chair-material stash, treasure hunting finds

Trash to Treasure Child's Reading chair.  Little Golden books draped over the entire chair.

The before of the chair.  Was in the container of lost and forgotten toys.
The penny rug was hand made and a table gift at a State Day.

This is the inspiration for the chair.  I stayed at my daughters house for a couple of day's and she made this full size in  her guest room.  Real pages from an old book, antique chair and burlap feed container seat and milk bottle vase.

Here is the finished piece along with a few treasures I redid today from my week end treasure hunts.  The little pink stove and refrigerator are 1/48 scale I believe.  I found them in my stash.  Debbie Young had them for sale at the last Convention I attended.  Resin and less than an inch high.  Too cute.  I have the table and chair somewhere.  The pages of the book are printed from the Internet and reduced to size in the picture print area in Windows gallery.  Interspersed between are printed pages.  All are strung onto a long piece of thread and draped over the chair.  The chair was painted over the creme color, green and then white.  While still cool and almost dry I sanded around the edges and legs to show wear.  

Found these wood eyeglasses at the Goodwill outlet store, paid next to nothing.  The bag said Oriental Trading Company#13653345 item number.  These are wood and less than an inch long.  I painted them and put mirrors from the cut out sheet of tin mirror found at a craft store.  See picture above on the wall.  I will add them to the metal brad ones that I got from Alpha Stamps for a wall display.  There were 4 in the bag along with 4 mustaches.  I haven't figured out this mustache fad.  It appears on everything.  If anyone knows let me in on it.

Farm Animals taking selfies.  This is not miniature but too cool to not mention.  Howard Robinson for Elizabeth's Studio.  The material shop had a quilt made up of it and its just the neatest thing.  I love the pictures of the dogs taking selfies and this one was just to good to pass up.  I will probably make a wall hanging.

This was a new shipment of Halloween material that just came in.  I am going to incorporate into chairs and bedding for Halloween.  The dotted material glows in the dark.  

My in house TSA AGENT   checking out my duffel bag for the goods.  I stayed to babysit the fur babies this past weekend.  The area is in the Flea Market Mecca of town and a lot of thrift stores.  Had a great time.

A bag of jewel finds for .25 cents and a plastic weather vane cupola from a child's play set will come in handy

This bag of handmade wicker balls are mini light covers.  I thought they would be a form in  a topiary tree.  They were .30 cents for 100 a bag.  I got a few bags and put one in a mason jar.  Looks good.  I thought cut in half they could be baskets.

Found this at Michael's Craft Store.  It is from the summer Fairy Garden items.  It was 80% off. So it came to about $1.00.
I am entertaining the idea of a Fair with Carnival acts and this would make a great display.  It would be colorful, lots of action and just plain fun.

Today's Trash to Treasure's inspiration was taken from a real size chair.  My daughter did a beautiful job of recreating her chair.  I did one as well in  sea mist chalk paint in a child's chair using a miniature antique book.  It came out pretty cute but is hiding somewhere in the constant cleaning that is going on here.  We saw the original one hanging  on a wall in Amish country that  had the pages dangling in the air with dried flowers in a crock.  It was white washed and very rustic.
   This week has been rainy and I have enjoyed reading and watching  some new You Tube videos.   When I was a child my Father was in Excavating.  I would go when he was tearing down a house and he would dig up the old cistern for me.  It would keep me busy for the day and was immensely enjoyed.  I found on You tube the treasure seekers with the metal detectors..  The old excitement came back and when they found a mini bottle, it was like I just found it. 

This You Tuber has been on for a few years but I just discovered her.  Shabby Chic at its  finest
 A whole evening of vlogs to watch, she has an Etsy store and her web site has some free printouts and  tutorials to watch on how to construct.  Each and every one I enjoyed and all techniques would be great to know.

The Miniaturist is a book written by Jessie Burton.  It is an internationally acclaimed novel.  I read it because it is centered around a doll house.  The theme us rather dark overall but exciting to see what this has to do around the doll house.  BBC is adapting for PBS's Masterpiece Theatre- 3- 60 minute episodes   starting in 2018.  This is something to look forward to.  PBS always comes up with the best miniseries. 

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