Monday, August 21, 2017

Trash to Treasure Dollar Tree Table

Trash to treasure remake of Dollar tree table  Everything is finished except the lamp shades. I might use Tooth paste caps for that, the ridges would look like pleats.

The grape vine wreath is made from brown cloth covered wire found in the floral area.  Make a circle of this wire and then weave and wrap around in circles until full.  Use a tooth pick to make spiral circles like the grape vines have on them. 

The windows in the back are made from  doors on a Dollar tree cupboard.  I pulled them off and painted using the same technique as the table.  The mirrors on the back are cut out of a mirrored sheet of metal found in the mirror aisle at the craft store.  That was a very useful purchase.  Now everything can have mirrors on it, custom cut.

The lamps are beads painted green with a wash of white on them.  A hold was drilled into a mini log slice and tooth pick inserted as support, glue beads on top of that.

This was my inspiration, a small add in County Sampler magazine .  Notice all the elements  that make up the picture.
Here is the table.  $ 1.00 from Dollar Tree.  Even though the finish is awful it did come in to be useful in the final finish.  The red came through when sanding to antique it  and added to the  primitive look.

Here is close up of table along with elements to make it pretty
Notice the closeup of the finish and drawers knobs.The finish was as follows.  On top of the reddish finish I placed a wash of white.  This red finish has a tendency to bleed into the next coat of paint.  On top of the white I used the mint green acrylic paint I have been using in the Shabby Chic theme.  After dry I applied another coat of white.  When dry but still cold, after about an hour and still had the feel of moisture in it, I sanded all with fine sand paper paying close attention to the curves, legs and edges.  This made a worn look and accented the ridges.  By far this finish is the one most favored.  I eliminated the crackle on this one and it looks more primitive.

Now onto the knobs.  Spending more time on this type of knob than I care to admit, a lot of ideas ended up into the waste basket.  In the middle of the night, a Eureka moment appeared and in that window of time my light was on in my workshop.  After a few  minutes the knobs above were completed.  

To make the knobs you need thick foil or embossing metal, a small clam like sea shell, a foam sheet, and a ball stylus.
Cut out a round piece of foil or metal about 1cm round.  Using the foam craft sheet for support place the foil and with the ball stylus carve a line around the top part of the circle, leaving a small margin.  The bottom of the circle will be cut off but go as far as you can.  Next glue on the sea shell in position close to the top.  Use a build up of glue so that the bottom of the shell is raised enough for a thumb to pull the drawer open.  After glue is dry, trim the foil off the bottom even with the shell bottom and using alcohol ink paint all silver.  Easy and the closest thing to the knobs I've seen.  Another metal that would be good for this would be the small tea candle metal.  It might hold up yielding to the ball tool.  The main problem I had was it looked good, but the bend would come out with handling.
A find from Michael's Craft store in the Jewelry area.  4 glass Beads on a card with claw feet.  This will definitely replace feet on a chair in Halloween creations.  My inspiration came from the Halloween area and these same claw feet with balls were used on several items only bigger. These claw feet are very small and in proportion to 1/12" scale.  Found in a box of antique items in an estate sale was one piano stool leg with a claw foot just like this one, too precious to throw away.  It is on display on the wall as an art piece.

Halloween is right next to the Christmas items at Michael's.   All the summer Fairy Garden items were 70% off.  A new batch of Halloween and Christmas Fairy Garden items was right next to them.  I found a couple of sliding barn doors that might be used in the Daisy Hill remake. 

Well today is the big Eclipse of the Sun.  Birds are flying into the windows so things are amiss in the atmosphere.  One was on the porch that was picked up.  It was very disoriented, but after talking to it a bit, it revived and flew away.  A couple of others weren't so lucky.  The windows are so dirty from all the rain storms I  wouldn't think they could see another bird there.

You Tube find  search= Pipecleaner Crafts B.  Up comes Dollhouse DIY.  Lots of tutorials from this lady, some are for larger scales  but the techniques are all unique.  Look for the ones for spray bottles and soap bottles in a crate.  These are made from pill capsules, candles, hot glue and play dough to hold upright.  Unbelievable.  Why didn't I think of that.  

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  1. Love the way your side table turned out! The layers of paint revealed beneath, really give it a history of its own- Well done! :D