Friday, August 18, 2017

Trash to Treasure Dressing Screen and Dollar Tree Finds

This is the finished dressing screen  front

This is the back side of screen wall paper ribbon trim
This is the screen, cant really call it trash but can not be used as it is
The above pictured screens used to be sold in the Woolworth stores when I was a youngster. They always fascinated me particularly the ones that beautiful ladies in kimonos painted on them.  They were less than a $1.00.  I still see them on miniature sites, but they have left the inexpensive status.

I had several of these that were broken into individual screens.  The first thing I did was paint white.

Since it is plastic a plastic primer spray paint was used before painting with acrylic paint.  After dry I sanded where there was carving just to let a little of the black show through on the carved areas.  Wall paper in the rose stripe was cut to fit the opening and a very fine thin lace was glued over the entire paper square.  To cover the back another piece of paper was glued over the lace ends on the back and then the entire lip was glued and the lace covered card stock was set in, weighted down and allowed to dry.  After repeating this process on all 3 screens thin wire was cut and threaded into the wholes on either side of the screens top and bottom.  Give enough slack so you can position the screen.  I found a thin pink ribbon with a little white stripe on it to trim off the back side seams.  

The bead finds on the top of the screen are from the jewelry aisle.  The pink and green hand painted paper underneath  them are cup cake lacy surrounds.  Pictured below, I found these at Michael's, Joannes in the baking aisle with all the other paper lines.  These are fancy and paint absorbs very well. Inside you will find all kinds of combinations of designs that can be cut out and used for trim on furniture, pictures clothing, etc.  I cut out leaves and a ovaled type circle. Pink and green paint was used to color and then stiffened up with Modge-Podge.   There were also, black, silver and gold.

There are a lot of possibilities for this paper.  Cut out certain portions for on windows maybe, enhance pottery or chair backs, use on walls and panel it in.  I got a few years ago a Circuit cutter and got the architectural details software.  This had fences, windows, gates and it has never been used because a puppy chewed on the cord to make it work.  I have looked all over for a replacement.  The website for Circuit cutter  always says they are out of stock.  I will have to see if there is a generic one on line or find an electrician that can fix it for me.  They really are a great thing to have for miniatures.
Lace paper cupcake wrappers
Dollar Tree finds that will be beneficial for mini projects.  Tower game (next to box) has 36 pieces of wood all cut in the same size.  These could be used for planters, boxes, furniture.

The Wood shop item next to it is a mini bird feeder.  The lumber is already cut.  I see a sandbox that I had as a kid or the start of a tree house.  The brightly colored eraser in the front is about 6 inches long and 3 inches high.  I see a cake in the making without having to use Fimo.

This is a tiny crocheted doily found at the thrift store.  It has pink outside edges and each medallion is smaller than a nickle. This will work for the furniture and chairs in the Daisy Hill Remake.

The best find of all is the witch that is 6 inches with the hat.  Battery operated with flashing green face and hands and witch cackle  sounds for Halloween.  Would fit into a Halloween scene perfectly but I would put material clothes over the plastic ones.  The box of beads have all the components for nail polish  bottles and different color co-ordinated sizes in the same box for other bottles and jars..

A few sites this week on You Tube   Do a search for Petit Palm    There is no talking, very clear demonstrations, and captions were needed.  This site is amazing.  Great ideas to make your own molds out of silicon caulk,  mini working sunglasses.  Quite a few ideas to be found on this one.

Another you Tube search is DIY Miniatures will bring up dozens of  how to tutorials for appliances, modern tec toys, is an interesting site.  All kinds of information on this one.  I used it to find stained glass drawings and furniture.  Information site for researchers. is a sale site in the UK for hand made miniatures.  Loads of items I have never saw before.   This site is Christel Jensen  who does miniatures for mini mice.  She has wrote books with the mini mice and miniature articles.  Delightful to read and look at the pictures.

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