Saturday, August 19, 2017

Trash to Treasure Floor Fish Tank Remake and Wicker Redo

Trash to Treasure Fish tank Redo Finished .  Painted white and then sanded out for Shabby Chic look.  Inside was filled with items from swaps and shells from the beach.  The mini sand castle was a Name Swap item.  Goldfish are made of Fimo.  I did not put resin in this, with the blue screen in the back it gives the impression of water.   This was almost thrown away after attaching the metal paper to the glass with super glue.  Tickled pink with the final results I left it dry overnight.  The next day the glass was covered with a white haze, super glue must have fumed it up and reacted to the metal paper. I spent the next hour with a razor blade scrapping off the haze from the glass.

 I  took a Citizens Police Academy a few years ago and learned that they use superglue inside a case to lift the finger prints. This must have dropped from my memory banks.

Original Box used for the Fish Tank.  Looks pretty good like it is but looks are deceiving.  The glass was broke under the bamboo  that covered it up.  Bamboo looks like wood, it was paper that fell apart when I touched it. Everything is paper inside except the Styrofoam base.  This one probably should have accidentally dropped to the trash can.

The blue sheet of water and fish came from a Dollar Tree find.  I used it in the back and it covered the ragged edge of broken glass.  The finished picture does not show the blue background very well because it is a very dark and rainy day  out. It looks just as blue as this picture is.  Really finished it off.  The other items in this Dollar Store find I couldn't use they are too big.  The inside was smaller than I thought.

Close up of the Metal on the headband from Dollar Tree used to seal the edges since the Bamboo turned out to be paper.  I cut evenly down the middle between the two wires.  The metal paper can be cut with scissors but the wire needs wire cutters.  After cutting one section was folded in half over the wire, which became the center and I super glued that over each edge of raw glass to replace the Bamboo framing that fell apart.   

Princess headband from Dollar Tree used in the trim on the fish tank.

This is a remake of a wicker lounge chair and a wicker chair and table.  They looked good but needed something.  I repainted white.  The table has a little piece of wallpaper on it with tiny pink roses.  I made cushions and pillows for both that match the rest of materials on the bed. The table I never used because it appeared out of scale.  It had large turned legs on it.  I yanked them off.  Now it sits on a flat base and I like it better.

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