Monday, August 7, 2017

Trash to Treasure Make over Bed-Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic makeover of Bed

Here is the before of the bed.  The basic bones are there.  This was a lot of work!

The bed after lots of gluing and painting
The bed after dressing

Side view of bed covers 

Close up of pillows

Back view of headboard

Side view of bed.  Notice the tiny tatting on the white sheet.  Click picture to enlarge

The bed is finally finished.  There was entirely too much Chocolate in the house for this one. Coffee was a staple as well.  I enjoyed doing this remake but it was  another futzey process.  I would find myself biting my nails while trying to decide on what to do next and find out how to do it.  Sometimes material has its own mind and in the process frustration sets in.  A lot of drawers and boxes got cleaned out as a diversion on this project.

The basic paint techniques were used as on my other tutorials.  Mint green, crackle medium, then white over top.  A coat of Matte Modge-Podge was applied to all.  Using a tiny brush the spindles were alternated with green and pink.  The roses on the foot and head board are jewel finds that I painted and glued on.  

All the materials are mini prints from  A local quilt shop and available on line.
The lace is from my stash and was used as a dust ruffle around the bottom, on the pillows and on the top of the sheet.

A few years ago I purchased a huge box of tatting in all colors of the rainbow for a few dollars.  It has set on the shelf since then.  This tatting was done about 1930.  I was really amazed that little did this lady know she was tatting for me, right now for all my miniature projects.  Click on the picture to enlarge and notice the variegated shades of pink and green on the sheets and also the pink and green pansy pillow fit perfectly on the bed.

For making the quilt  the green print and the pink print were chosen.  I wanted the turn down to be a different color.  A quilt batting was chosen from the closet and the right amount of puff was given to the whole thing.  Where everything went wrong was when it was decided that a little ironing was in order.  Not using a press cloth, the results were less than satisfactory, it was as flat and stiff as a board.  Must have been fusible batting.  

As the tearing, Oops, taring, begins, I felt like my Mother many years ago patiently ripping out the seams of an outfit made by me and threw in the corner.  Material is too expensive she said to discard.  Rip the seams out and start all over.  I did not want too, she made me, and  the compliments felt so good after I said that I made it myself. Patience is a learned virtue..... Thanks Mom for your example, it has finally sunk in.

After getting this right the thought of using 3 colors of thread and doing tiny knots  ties appealed to me to hold it all together.
It wasn't going anywhere but authenticity is the key here.  That was abandoned after the first row, it already looked to busy.
The sheets have a tiny white dot on them which can't be seen, but go really well with the green print.

After doing the last two projects I will be doing some look alike accessories from magazine pages that can be incorporated into any type decor.  There is a Fairy Garden planter Trash to Treasure using a plastic pot, Paper towels and Modge Podge that looks like a real tree trunk from a class recently taken.  I will be making  a miniature garage sale find log cabin into a realistic treasure and turning a Sylvan plastic house into a shelf or mantel piece.

I did not have a lot of computer and You tube time this week but I found Ron's Miniature shop in Orlando, Florida.  Type in Ron's Miniature shop and see in depth and detailed video of their shop.  They have everything you could ever want.....  It is definitely on my bucket list for the future.


  1. Very pretty. The paint job is so intricate!

  2. Preciosa y la ropa de cama es muy alegre!!