Friday, August 4, 2017

Trash to Treasure- Victorian Dresser now Shabby ChicAn oldS

Shabby Chic dresser remake 

The back side of Dresser covered with paper

The before of Victorian 'Dresser from "Scientific kits about 1973.  I never knew the drawers opened on this but they do now.
The after of the bed to be redressed in a future tutorial

The before of the bed.  What a challenge this was !

Well,  this project was a whole lot more than I bargained for.  But it has been rewarding.  As stated above the dresser was from an old Scientific kit for 1973.  I don't know what I was thinking when originally making this then.  I certainly had a talk with that younger self doing this, but she did not have time to listen.  By doing this I reflected about how much growth has taken place in all areas of my life since then.  I really thought  my craftsmanship was great back then.  Glue all over the place,  Airplane glue maybe.   What a mess.  To refinish this, a lot of glue had to be removed, sanding, the marble tops were taken off, the mirror was in need of a replace.  I found at a local craft shop where the mirrors are sold a thin metal sheet that can be cut and that looks pretty good after the thin piece of plastic coating was removed.  My favorite Craft shop is called Pat Catan's.  They have quite a few stores and they have been bought out in the last year by Michael's Crafts, not to close them but to add to their portfolio. It saddens me that they got rid of their miniatures.  Yet another place not to get mini supplies.

As with the rest of the furniture it was painted mint green, allowed to dry and then a coat of crackle was applied, allow to dry.  Using a 1/2" brush white acrylic paint was applied all over.  One stroke and it starts to crackle.  You won't get another chance, so put enough paint on the first time.  After all was dry it seemed pretty plain to me, so I painted certain areas green and pink.  The paper seemed needed in spots and really improved the drawers.  The drawer pulls are the nail charms from the Dollar Tree as explained in another dresser tutorial.  The other items are jewel finds painted with paint and silver embellishment pen.  Paper and paint all have a thin coat of Matte Modge-Podge.

The bed  will be covered in the next blog.  Both of these items were all week getting them like I want them.  A lot of futzing on these and frustration.

This week I viewed some interesting You Tube videos and I hope you will enjoy them too.

Karen's minis on You tube.  Excellent tutorials and very well done.  She will show how to sculpt baby's and dolls,  Make boots-mini Uggs,make a tricycle, baby carriage, real looking disposable diapers.  She is from the UK.  All her videos are shown with music and self explanatory.  No talking.   Quite an evenings worth of viewing.  She makes everything look so easy.  Just go onto YouTube search and put in Karen's Minis.  I enjoy this Etsy site.  It is county and Shabby chic all in one.  If you don't make, here is a maker that will have what you possible need.

This next one has nothing to do with miniatures but I enjoy watching on You Tube when I need a mini vacation.
Go to You Tube search and type in Exploring with Josh.  This young man travels all over the world and goes on adventures that I know I never will do.  Abandoned buildings and parks, Asylums,  He goes to places the average person would never find themselves.  I particularly love the Castles.  Check him out.  Go on vacation and never leave home.  Knowledge is increased  every time I watch , plus I don't have to go through the hassle of packing and traveling to get there.

The next one I found and am really saddened that I missed it..  In Florida there was a place called Magnificent China near Orlando.  The Promo for it as well as the closed state is on You Tube.  It would have been a place I would have loved.  There were gardens, miniature structures and the miniature Great wall of China.  It was only open for about 10 years and closed.  Too close to Disneyland attractions.

The next You Tube video that can still be enjoyed and this is still open.  Do a search of  The Miniature White House in Clermont, Florida and see this fabulous building housed in the Hall of Presidents.

Well that's all for today.  I will be concentrating on dressing the bed and  am having a hard time on choosing what prints to use.  They are all so beautiful.   


  1. Hi Karen! I used to own that same Victorian dresser and in fact the entire bedroom kit and then gave it all to a friend when I got tired of miniatures. Those kits are as hard to find now as hen's teeth, so I am Really Happy to see that you still have yours from back in the day, AND that you have been able to restore it and have made it look Light and Pretty! :))


  2. Te han quedado preciosos!!!!

  3. The makeover is great.