Monday, September 11, 2017

Daisy Hill Remake update and interesting web sites

First coat of paint on Daisy Hill Remake.  Still a lot of work to do and lots more painting. 
Waiting for more supplies to come into Hobby Lobby.  Its a shame there are no longer supplies at most Craft stores and no Brick and Mortor stores.  Probably should have ordered on line but prefer to see the item first. 

This past week has been so beautiful and fall like that I just wanted to be outside.  So I set up shop in the garage and was determined to finish the Daisy Hill Remake House.  Just as in my Vintage Home in real size, I got into more than bargained for in the mini size as well.  What I thought would take a few days has expanded into a week and it's still not done.  However I am further along than when first beginning.  Hobby Lobby only carries 2 of any item and then reorders with a 2 week wait on that to come in.  I looked all over for grooved stripping for shutters that used to be so easy to find.  It took one full day of going to 3 separate Hobby Lobby's to get partial supplies to begin.  There are now enough shutters and  enough crown molding to get me thru the 2 weeks before needing  more.  The windows were a real challenge but the stickers and unicorns are all off thanks to Goop begone.  A few scratches show but  glossy Modge Podge should fix that, and the curtains will cover a whole lot.   Of course the inside doors purchased were too large, so I have to jigsaw an inch off of each wall to fit the doors. 

Where the dollhouse sides and front were put together there were gaps so corner molding had to be cut to size to cover that and maybe now I can take the hinges off the wall from inside.

I think the porch rail assembly was put together wrong but it seems too much time to make it right. The opening should be down by the front door.  It is on the farthest corner from the door.  It is not shown in the picture, it was removed so the flooring could be covered in coffee stir sticks for realistic floor.
The front door is rather cheesy and not to scale.  This is on the back burner for the moment until a eureka moment comes to mind. One needs  to be able to see inside and outside the door even if it is miniature.  Stained glass needs to be somewhere and its still be researched.

Before painting the outside siding I used heavy brown paper bags cut to siding stripe size to fix the holes and defective places.  I then put 4 coats of Americana Brand Mississippi Mud brown on the siding.   This is my preferred paint as it has thickness to it.  Make sure you shake well before using. The shingles were not finished at all where they met on the corners, so brown bag again cut to size to cap off the joints.  I decided on a gold brown for that, not sure if it will stay that way.  American Victorian Painted Ladies by Elizabeth Pomada, Michael  Larson is an excellent guide for painting a Victorian. I choose a color combination that I liked from there.  Victorians used 7 different colors in the house and the end result will be gold, brown, white, blue, green, bittersweet orange, and a burgundy color.   The painting is taking some time, looking forward to this step being done to begin inside.

This  week I have investigated a few web sites and share them with you:   All I can say about this is THATS INCREDIBLE! Check out this site, you will be amazed, especially if you like anything Halloween.  Everything is free.  Ray Obannon is the creator of all the neat toys, music, videos, printies.  A totally creative person with a generous, giving heart.  My favorites are the 6 inch deluxe coffins and shipping crates with optional skeletons.  There are games, printable treat boxes in the shape of haunted house and grave stones.  If I continue it won't be a surprise.

If you like French antiques, Shabby Chic check out this beautiful site:      Jennifer Osmond Hatt is guest designer for Alpha Stamps this week and has a lovely Antique shop as the feature.  Her blog has many of her creations and she also has an Etsy Shop.  Eye Candy.  On her blog there are many links to interesting blogs and sites.  I clicked on a few and they were interesting enough to mark for future visits.  This is the connection for Alpha Stamps that features Looking glass this week.   If you like Halloween they have laser cut tables, mirrors and other /Goth items as well as Halloween trinkets and papers.   A variety of items for sale, but click on Toys there are a number of inexpensive miniature kits available.  a delightful sale site of beautiful laser cut items for every area of the house.  A lot of period clothes items and accessories.  Sale site beautiful pictures.  Another overall sale site with really good prices.  Click toys and hobbies and all kinds of miniatures come up.  I put a couple items in the sale cart and couldn't complete.  Within a few days all the items were on sale as notified by Email. 

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