Tuesday, September 19, 2017

How to alter Dollar Tree Plastic skeletons, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil

Hear no evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil.  Plastic skeletons from Dollar Tree that have been altered with a heat tool.  Growing up there was a statue in plain view in my house  for every kid to see of 3 monkeys with the same design and sentiment as these skeletons.  It always reminded me to be good.  Somehow the skeletons further drive the message home.

A heat tool is needed to heat up the plastic.  My brand is Darice, but look in your scrap book Aisle .  It is used to melt embossing powders on cards.  This is hotter than a dryer and needs careful use.  It does get hot.    To use I wedge it into a drawer that is right in front of me.  If you have a vise that would work as well.  You have to have both hands to hold and shape the skeletons.   Have clamps, rubber bands or string to shape after melting into desired design. Use tweezers or needle nose pliers to shape in desired direction after holding skeleton over the heat tool.  It blows lots of hot air so make sure it is away from your body, paper and anything else that could catch on fire.  When you have turned the arms, elbows to desired shape, clamp, tape or tie to shape or dip in cold water right away while holding in new position.  The hands over the ears, eyes and mouth were super glued on after melting and held down with rubber bands.  The knees were heated up and turned under for sitting position.
Dollar Tree plastic skeletons that have been altered in shape.  Hands and elbows and knees now bend.  The picture does not show the finish on the skeletons.  I used a white alcohol Ink spray from the scrapbook area.  It dried in irregular dots all over the objects adding an aged effect over the brown skeletons.  This spray alcohol also comes in blood red, in case you want to get a little gorier effect.  The photo shoot was intended to be  outdoors in the grass with the fall leaves on the ground.  It was just a short trip from the back porch to the tree.  All my objects were in a box along with my camera and down  the steps I went.  As soon as  on  the grass I was flat on my face on the ground. The grass was very wet.  This shook me up pretty bad, nothing broken just bruised up on my right arm and ribs.  Lucky my hands were full or I could have broke my arm trying to stop my fall.  These things happen so fast.  Can you believe all that worried me is who might have been out to see my blunder.  So this picture was the dining room table instead of the nice Fall background.  My sense of humor was lacking after my small blunder.

Wagon found in a thrift store.  These seem to be popping up all over.  This one looks to be from a kit. Maybe a covered wagon.  It did not have the cover on it. There are a lot of wagons from play sets for kids that are at the Goodwill outlet.   Just the wheels alone are worth the small price of the item.  Spray painted black or aged they can be used in gardens settings, make tables out of them  Pumpkins in front are pods from Michael's. Straw bails, and skeletons from Dollar Tree.  The corn stalks are made out of corn stalks from my stash,  Cut and wrapped to size.

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