Friday, September 29, 2017

Three easy Door or step Halloween decorations-Dollar Tree

Three Halloween sets of  Decorations for front porch  or steps

Altered skeletons and Urns from Dollar Tree

Side version of Urns

Back of Urns

These are the Urns from Dollar Tree-4 to a package. I believe they are trophies and in the party aisle.  I cut with a Dremel tool the handles off and  sanded the rough edges.  I used gray Acrylic paint with fine sand added to it.  Two coats and it looks like cement.  Dry brush Verdi-Gris finish over or turquoise, brown for aging effect.  Green paint or moss could be added.

Next  cut 2 Dollar Tree plastic skeletons off just under the rib. These will be a tight fit but the plastic is soft.  Push in at bottom of ribs and force into the planter securing with a dot of glue.  Next use a heat gun and apply to the arms top to pull up and out.  Curve the elbows while heating to bend and fold at a curve. I used a curved pair of pliers for this.  Be careful it gets very hot.  Use pliers to hold the shape until they cool off or drop into water.   The hands can be folded outward by the heat gun.  The signs are from scrapbook items in my stash and glued onto the hands and clamped until dry.  The skeletons were dry brushed with brown and then when dry dry brushed with white over the brown. These are a little taller  3-3/4", but they look good in a garden scene or corner of a porch.  Fall leaves were tucked into the gaps around the
Pods for pumpkins jewel finds, wood slices for base, plastic birds .

These pumpkins are in the candle aisle at Dollar Tree or craft shop, and shown in the picture below. They look like little pumpkins but more primitive.  Each bag has multi sizes in them and each container has 3 different sizes.  Big on the bottom, middle size in the middle and small on top.  I painted the bottom black and used nail stencils for the design.  Tooth picks dotted black paint on the orange pumpkin in the middle, the top one was painted white and black stripes added.  The crow on top is from the wedding area of Dollar Tree and are in the form of white doves for favors.  Black acrylic paint those.  The urn is a jewel find shown below as well as the wood slice you could cut from a twig.  I found these wood slices in  different sizes all in a bag at the craft store.  These slices are handy for walkways in Fairy Gardens.  When paint is dry use a thick glue and assemble one on top of another as shown.  These stand  2-3/4" tall including the crow on top.

Dollar Tree has a whole bag of these black and orange shiny glitterd  balls in 4 different sizes,  could be used in jars or candles.  I stacked 3 different sizes on top of each other and added to jewel finds painted black and then Verdis-Gris finish on top.  I used a thin ribbon around each layer in orange and black and found Halloween stickers for decoration.  These stand  2-1/4" tall.

Dollar tree nail stencils.  I was excited about these.  They have about 6 different packages with many designs in each package.  I used one on the black pumpkin but not good on a round surface.  Flat would be ideal.  The stencil is a soft plastic with a little sticky on the back and can be used again and again.  You could paint pillows, material, trays, chair backs,borders, designs on furniture.  I really like the stripes, stars, and spiderweb designs.  The trick would be to dry wipe paint just like a real stencil and darken as needed.  Gently wipe off paint from the stencil and it is ready for the next time.  Comes adhered to clear plastic sheet.

These are some of the items used plus other ideas that could be used as a base of the urns.  The pods are what I used for the pumpkins. They take paint real nice but could be sealed with matt Modge Podge.  The white dove was painted black, The tulip like jewel find (found at Hobby Lobby) is what I used for the urn and painted black and Verdi-Gris dry wiped over.  The other items are what could be used as bases.  Those huge earrings from the 1980's can now be used as mini bases for lamps and flower pots.   Remember a coat of paint does wonders for junk items.  I really liked the sand in the paint for cement texture.  A couple coats of Gesso would add texture as well if you don't have the sand.

The colors of fall are my favorite.  I splurged for mums by the door.  The temperature has dropped from the 80's this week down to 60's.  It now feels so cold and time to take out the heavier clothes and fuzzy blankets.   Fall seems to be coming earlier,  the leaves are really changing and  falling down and the squirrels are really busy stashing black walnuts into my flower beds.  I go through this every year, they forget where they are and they grow in the flower beds.  I usually have to remove about 60 bitty trees  every spring.

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