Monday, September 18, 2017

Trash to Treasure 3 tier storage Caddy made from pill cases and Fall pumpkin setting

This is a 3 tier  kitchen  storage caddy for mini scenes made from pill cases from Dollar Tree

These are the pill cases.  Select 3 days of cases  and cut off one of the 3 sections on all 3 cases. This gives you 2 compartments on each one.  Three makes this a tad too big.  These are plastic so Super glue is about the only glue that will hold.  I tried several methods on this, metal sides with wheel rollers, and they all fell apart.  So the above caddy has been papered with scrapbook paper.  I then took a Dremel with a drill bit the size of a tooth pick and drilled in each corner of each section. You can paint the inside at this point with acrylic paint, and paint the tooth picks the desired color.  The tooth picks used are the fancy carved like finial ones. The finial became the bottom foot.  Insert tooth pick in and make legs even, use a piece of foam underneath to insure all legs are the same level.  Put a bit of super glue on the corners inside and let dry.  When dry add the second 2 compartment case and allow enough room to insert items inside.  Apply superglue to the inside corners on this and let dry.  When dry apply the 3rd compartment  on top and let dry after applying a dot of super glue in the corners. The tooth pick now needs trimmed with sharp sniper's or scissors just to the top of the compartment.

I used a kitchen chair to gage the height of the caddy.  Have items you would like to put inside to gage the distance between the shelves.

This could have been easy, but I made it a big issue.  My original plans did not work out so the rest was down hill.  I have several other caddies for other areas of the house but I will post after completing them.  These could be made for sewing rooms, kitchens, work shops, bathrooms.  I am still on a roll with the Daisy Hill and almost completed with the outside.

I finally had to go online for the rest of my trims for Daisy Hill Remake.  I can't keep running to Hobby Lobby every two weeks for supplies, and some they don't carry.  There won't be a miniature show for another month. in my area.   I selected Hobby Builders Supply and within one day I got notice it has been shipped  They have an online catalog and a hard copy one as well.  The doors are the only thing holding this project up.  I have spent the last week painting each color, then cleaning up little messes on that color.  It is shaping up. 

Instead of making the window boxes for the price I purchased the window boxes,  My patience is thinning out the longer this project goes on.  If I had not committed to blogging about this it would have already been put on the back burner;  The colors are speaking to me as I go along, and have changed my mind and added new ideas as it progresses.  As soon as the new front door is on I will give an update.

For laser cut kits and accessories from heavy chipboard this site has a lot of seclusive items
Gypsy Soul Laser cuts  They have a very reasonable Gypsy wagon to go with my medical show, a lot of goth in many scales and greenhouse, furniture and wheels.  If you like crafts of all kinds FDC Factory Direct pictures each item, gives specifics on each.  Has primitives for your house, scrap booking, and a search bar, when I typed in dollhouse a lot of items came up.  All kinds of beads and trims.  This is an interesting site for crafts and the dollhouse items are a bonus.  Holiday items under their own header.

This website is in French but sponsored by Google so the translate button should come up in the top left corner.  Click on the tutorial section on the right side.  She has a lot of very nice tutorials and patterns if there are any needed.  She specializes in shops.  This website is awesome.  Every place you can click-leads to another amazing find.  There are free magazine publications to view online.  She has a store and does shows.  I spent about an hour on this site and have many more to go to see everything.  She has a lot of links and other blogs and sites you can visit as well.  When I visit sites like this I get antsy to start new projects.

Here is a small Fall scene compiled into a wheel barrow.  The grapes in the basket are flower sprigs with  round balls found at Dollar Tree and spray painted purple.  Fall leaves are punched from real preserved leaves with a punch.  The Pumpkins are made from Fimo Clay and baked in the oven.  I use toothpicks to make the lines on the sides using a rolling motion from top to bottom.  The stems are from real  tomatoes allowed to dry and shrink.  Grape stems could also be used.

All miniaturists will enjoy the new movie coming out in December called Downsizing.  It is on the line of Honey I shrunk the kids, but its the answer to overpopulation.  A lot of miniature models for this one.    You Tube has the trailer you can watch.


  1. I really like the pill container caddy. Is it possible to share pictures of the process? There are a few things I can't imagine in my head.

  2. El resultado del carrito de almacenamiento te ha quedado muy bien!!! Y la carretilla con frutos de otoƱo es preciosa!