Friday, September 29, 2017

Trash to Treasure Skeleton Chair

Trash to Treasure skeleton chair.  A salvaged Victorian chair that had curved arms, with the upholstery inserts removed.  They were replaced with scrapbook paper with bones on them.  Total height including the head is 5" high.  Chair was painted black. 

It had no legs on it so tooth picks were glued into the holes that previously held the other legs.  When tooth picks were all dry, legs and arms from a Dollar Tree skeleton were cut off.  The whole body will be used so keep everything.  For the front legs cut at the knee cap and fit onto the toothpick so that it rests on the heel of the skeleton.  You will probably have to cut a bit of the tooth pick off.  I used tacky glue and clamped both front legs until dry.  Make sure you choose a skeleton with flat feet, otherwise you will have to warm them up a bit.  Now do the back legs the same way.  Make sure the chair is level by cutting the toothpicks and then cut the top of the leg bone to fit.  Clamp the back legs until dry.  Each of the legs should be tucked under the chair.  I used round tooth picks and if the hole to insert them is not round drill one on all corners.  The toothpicks after they are painted look like they are a part of the skeleton leg.

Next will be the front chest and arms.  You will need a heat gun for this and tweezers or pliers and two hands.  I placed my heat gun in a drawer in front of me and closed it in so it pointed to the side and away from my face.  Remove the backbone from the ribs and arms.  The head should stay on the back bone.  I cut a tad off the shoulder blades because it stuck out too far.  Concentrate on the ribs and top of the shoulders on the arms.  The back section of the ribs I cut off right under where the arms were.  You can use on the back but I thought it was a bit much.  Heat and press those out as flat as you can.  Now do the elbows so it fits to the back of the chair.  I glued this down to the back and at the elbows with glue and clamped until dry.  Next heat the hand areas and flatten them down over the curves.  Glue and clamp down until dry.

The next area is the back with the Head, spine and hip bones.  I eliminated the back rib cage, it was a little too much.  Glue and clamp this down until dry.  The top of the head fits on the top of the chair.   That's it.  Easy Peasy.! The skeleton was then dry brushed with a little brown paint and then dry brush with a little white.

This chair would look great next to the skeleton dresser from my last post.  Another idea would be to make a man and woman by putting hats or hair onto them.
Back view

Side view

Now that Fall is finally here the catalog company's are sending them out. Wow, the mail box was real full yesterday.  For those of you who like the resin Doll furniture with about 6-8 items in it has 2 sets geared to Christmas that are really cute and inexpensive.  A lot of things could be done with it .
They also have sets of treat bags that are really cute.  The ones I like are Santa pants treat bags.  Very clever.  
Everything I have ever gotten from them is good quality.
As soon as the kids are in school I  get the feeling I should be learning something too,  This year I signed up for a Creative writing class online on How to write Children's books, and a refresher course in digital cameras. Even though I am now able to take College courses free of charge at the present time I like the online classes which can be scheduled around my time or not.

Our local Art Museum was offering an oil painting class based on the Dutch painters from the 16th century like -Vermeer (the Girl with the Pearl Earring)  I thought it intriguing and signed up for that.  Two weeks in and I'm lost.  Never painted like this before.  I choose an egg and yolk  on a background of blue feathers.  It was probably the wrong choice.  It is sometimes better to walk into something leaving what you know outside the door because if you don't something new might refuse  to slip into your head.   I still have 4 more weeks so there will be updates and hopefully a picture.  I hope that I can miniaturize the process.  It involves a lot of drawing in pencil first.

Next blog will involve 3 different sets of front porch or step planters for Halloween using Dollar tree items and jewel finds.   I wish I had them all in large size for my steps.   Hope you enjoy!


  1. Love it! Definitely going to try this!

  2. The possibilities are endless with this one. I only had time for the one, but maybe there will be more.