Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trash to Treasure-Spookie Dresser and Dollar Tree finds

Trash to Treasure Dresser made from match boxes, large Altoid tin and small Altoids tin, scrapbook paper, beads jewel finds plastic mirror and plastic skeleton

Close up of feet on the dresser

Items needed for this project: Dollar Tree plastic skeleton, heat gun, plastic frame from children's area of religious goods area,, small Altoids tin-1-l/2"x2-1/4", large Altoids tin 2-1/4" x 3-1/2"  four match boxes from Dollar Tree - 1-1/4" x 2".  Scrap book paper of your choice, bead claw feet jewel finds from Bead landing found at Michael's Craft stores.  Beads for drawer openers, jewel finds, small key.  Paint  black for frame and clip art of skeletons from Internet.

This little chest is 5-3/4" high 2-1/4' wide and  3-3/4" long.  All the match boxes can be opened and the Altoids tins open to store items inside. 

Glue 4 match boxes together, two on top of each other and then 2 units side by side.  Use a rubber band to secure until dry.  The drawers were covered on the front with apotacary  labels printed off the Internet.  Glue on to front and then I used Tim Holtz Alcohol ink pads in vintage brown to clean up the sides, and age them.  Glue on beads or jewel finds for the drawer pulls.  Cover the entire assembly with paper all around top and sides and let dry.  Pull the drawers out and apply glue to the back of boxes and lay down on paper until dry.  Trim off the excess flat to the boxes.  Use alcohol ink pads again to cover up the cut area(usually white) and make it aged.

On the large Altoids tin use a Dremel tool  and make a hole in each corner. Then off to the side at an angle make another hole and cut the center out.  The jewel find with the claw has a loop on it and needs to come up into the inside of the Altoids tin.  I used a cut tooth pick and inserted it into the ring inside and then put a drop of glue on top of the assembly.  Let dry, then you can cover the bottom with paper. The Altoids tins I used scrapbook paper top and bottom and inside lined.  Use a thin piece of typing paper and lay inside on lid and bottom.  Using a pencil or stylus go around the edge to make marks on paper for the pattern.  Cut to size, cut out of patterned paper and glue inside.  The outside top and bottoms on each tin I just glued down onto paper and let dry.  I then used a sharp razor blade and cut to size and around the curves.

Glue on top of Large Altoids tin the match box assembly, then the small Altoids tin.   Cut the arms and legs off the skeleton and using a heat gun(See my blog post of  9/19/ 2017 for how to melt plastic using a heat gun)  melt the legs to go around the small Altoids tin.  Do the same with the arms around the picture frame.  I used a Popsicle stick painted black and attached my frame to that.,  Make sure you lift the frame high enough so that you have clearance for the tin to open up  Glue the stick to the back of the matchbox assembly.  I put the hands like they were clutching the picture of the skeleton and glued them on with clamps until dry.   Glue the legs on the matchbox assembly around the mini Altoid Tin.

This was a fun project and cost very little.

Bead landing 4 to a card found at Michael's Craft store.  Glass ball with claw feet.  Great find  with coupon they were about $2.50

Dollar tree find for miniature makeovers.   These measure about 6-3/4", are made of heavy cardboard, they could be cut down on the top and bottom and lined and jewel finds, handles and wood slats added across the top.  They could also be cut down somewhat  1-3/4" with the lid on.  These could also be used as packaging for your mini club treats and gifts if you have a party.  Love these

I do not have a picture but will mention this because it involves the Christmas Decorations they are starting to put out right now at Dollar Tree.  This year they are selling a clear plastic ornament in the shape of a canning jar.  It has a metal looking screw on lid.  The possibilities of this are endless.  They also have near by bags of confetti to put in the bottom.  I like the small white and blue snowflakes that could be used as decorations on a mini Christmas tree.  The other confetti is candy color red and white and silver.  These little containers could be used for packaging for a mini gift exchange, you could make ornaments with mini scenes in them.  I did not see if our Dollar Trees had the mini village sets in yet.  I know they did not get the Halloween ones in this year but they probably will the Christmas ones.  They would be about the right size for these jars.

These jars would also be great for Halloween Decorating for the house.  Find vintage apothecary labels, age them up and fill the jars with funky stuff.  Hang on a tree branch stuck into a flower pot.    Drape the Creepy  cloth over the branch like a spider web.  Get a pack of plastic spiders for added dimension .  They also have a large package of ping pong balls with eyeballs on them.  Glue a loop of ribbon and hang for ornaments.

The back drop on my photo shoot came from Dollar Tree.  I really like this stuff.  Creepy cloth, comes in black and the off white color. 30" x 72" is the size.  Could be curtains, table clothes, ghost clothes, bedspreads and that's just mini ideas.  

Found these at a thrift store for 50 cents. These are blown  glass mini candle holders for a birthday cake , but when you turn them upside down they are fancy cake holders for a mini bakery.  They are smaller than the size of a quarter.  The handles are pretty fragile, a pliers broke one off very cleanly. There were 25 of them in the package.

Another Dollar Tree find.  A child's play set Legends of the Wild West.  This had some people and horse to it but I just like the fire tripod and the wagon.

Dollar Tree wagon stripped of the canopy now will be repainted and made into a fall pumpkin and produce wagon, maybe mums, for the mini scenes.  The size is only 3-3/4" x  1-1/2".  The wheels  are so cute.

Another Dollar Tree find.  In the office supply area is where I found these.  36 sheets of wood grained paper in the colors shown.  The paper is 5 x 7" but the wood sheets could be cut down into mini size use.  The graining is mini size even though the width is not.  I also found other mini paper packs there with mini prints that could be used for gift wrap or wallpaper in a mini scene.

Well it is a beautiful fall day here.  This is the tree that I was going to do my photo shoot under on my last post when I fell on the wet grass.  I have been recouping for the last week.  The soreness and shock to my body did not show up until the next morning.  I did not know that bruises had such a color spectrum.  Every place on my body hurt. 
Excuse the dates that suddenly started to appear on my pictures after my camera landed on the ground with me.  I never set that portion of the camera and now I have to figure out how to turn it off.,  Its not even the right year and it certainly isn't December yet.  Needless to say I did not get much sleep this past week, could not use my right arm and stayed up all night and did a lot of mini projects with my left hand.   I never knew my left hand was as strong as it was but I refrained from using the power saw. 

This week I discovered on You Tube- Kraken make Ruckus- some wonderful evening's worth of How to video's if you are into 1/24"  This lady is very talented and all her designs could be changed into 1/12" very easy.

Another You Tube I have mentioned is Petit Palm.  Since the last I mentioned this site a whole lot more has been added.  The latest is a mini blender that is too  cute.  No talking just the facts.  This site makes a lot of carved wood molds and then uses Fimo or plastic melted to accomplish the realism effect. 

I have quite a few How-to-'s that are ready to be photographed and they all pertain to Halloween.  A skeleton chair, Door or side walk planters make with skeletons, and the best food table yet using a skeleton .  You will just have to wait for this one. 


  1. Has encontrado muy buenos artículos!! Ése tocador e halloween te ha quedado genial!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your fall. Bruises are amazing little rainbows of color for sure! I love your creations and transformations!