Thursday, October 19, 2017

Crooked Stick Lane 1/4" scale house-I am not imtimidated anymore!

A kit in 1/4" scale from Suzanne and Andrew's Miniatures

I picked this one up at the Seattle NAME Convention in 2010 or 2011 and hand carried back on the plane only to put it in the closet and never look at it again.  This scale intimidated me greatly but I wanted to try it.  The fear made me put it off until just last week.  I felt fearless and still quite upset about the pain in my right side.  I needed a diversion to immerse myself in to take my mind off the pain.  It took a lot of chocolate, coffee, and more than a few rides on the bike,  but it finally is finished after a week.  This class was a 3 day class, and I could see it would be quite intense to finish it all in that time.  I did not take the class at the convention but purchased the kit.

Back side of Crooked-Stick Lane house  Upon completion of this kit, I discovered it was not all that different than putting a furniture kit together in 1/12" scale.  In fact the house was bigger than a furniture kit.  It went along quite swimmingly, I am not intimidated by 1/4" anymore.  Next will be the landscaping and furniture but that's perhaps next month. 

This is the front page of the instruction booklet   I am a learn by doing type person so the instuction booklet was quite intimidating.  I have to admit reading and understanding are separate things.  I read and reread and after making  what was a mistake, disassembling and cleaning the glue off, going back and rereading the instructions it then made sense to me.
Check out the above website, they have some wonderful kits and smaller scales.  They are usually at the major miniature shows.  They also have an old Women Shoe kit, dicovered that in the closet too.  I don't know where I purchased that one.

Something new I have never used was Paperclay.  I like this stuff.  It was used in the chimney and around the porch on the sole of the shoe.  It is soft and pliable but dries very quickly.  I used the balance of the open package on a log cabin that I will be blogging about soon.

 The two metal sheets in the back with the blue ends I found at Harbor Freight.  There are 4 different sizes in this and I found these to be very valuable in my construction of this kit.  Magnets bond to the metal and sections could be constructed and then moved to the side to start on another part.  I used these to roll out the clay and with the aid of one of the smaller ones scooped up the items off the sheet.  There is also a straight edge on the blue side with a lip that is useful for butting glued items against and securing with a magnet.

I found this item at the thrift store.  It is used for play dough from a generic play set.  It is no bigger than my hand, even the handle has mold impressions on both sides.  This will be used  for Fimo molds for cakes.  They are so tiny.  It doesn't take much  for me to get excited and overjoyed about something.  No finer gift for myself.  

I picked this book up at the library.  Another time I  picked up one by this author about moss gardening in mini terrariums, but cannot verify for sure.  The author is Terutoshi Iwai.  Miniature Bonsai-The complete guide to super mini Bonsai.  This is inspiration just to peruse this book.  As you see from the pots being held up on the cover, all are fingertip size,  thimbles are used as well as other small pots.  This would be a good use for all the  Barbie items that could be used as pots.  I will have to get to my potters wheel and spin a few small ones to make a few Bonsai containers. This has always  intrigued me on how this is done.  Excellent book and guide for anyone interested.  I have picked up over the years containers that look like green houses at thrift shops, hoping to make them in miniature greenhouses.  The only thing holding me back is the amount of time and how many mini plants I would have to make out of paper.  This might be the solution.

The Mermaid Chair  by Sue Monk Kidd.  This author also wrote the  Secret  Life of Bees. This one was on the shelf from a bag sale and decided to read it.  All I can say is I could not put it down.  I started reading at 4 and finished it by 8.  It has a lot of twists and turns and thoroughly enjoyed this one.   I promised myself not to give the plot away.  This one should be made into a movie!  Although I am sure there are reasons it will never be.  

If you like Halloween here is a  site to share on You Tube.  This project is miniature but the rest of his ideas are not.  This guy is really into Halloween and I enjoyed watching all his videos for inspiration and ideas.  The one to look for is the Mummified fairy and sprite specimen using Dollar Tree skeletons and plastic wrap shrunk with heat gun.  Fantastic.  Go to search on You Tube and type in Monster tutorials.  

Another You Tube that has a lot of ideas for miniatures made from practically nothing.  Junk to Fun. There about 20 videos total.   The one I really liked was the Green house made out of stir sticks and Popsicle sticks and clear packing material.

Wishing Well Workshop   You Tube    Fimo vintage looking pumpkins and plastic canes.  She also makes stained glass using alcohol inks on shrink plastic.  Very informative and maybe a mini tutorial will come from that inspiration.

After a week of darkness and rain, the sun has finally came back out.  The temp is quite chilly and the first frost was last week.  I listened to my intuition telling me to get those plants inside the house on the very day of the night we got a heavy frost.  Some times it pays to pay attention to the one that counts -Yourself.

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